Sunday, 12 June 2011

My Bag Collection #62

Below: Another new bag... Another Céline before Spring Summer 2011 is over. Welcome my Céline Natural Linen And Black Calfskin Cabas

Below: Love the contrasting textures from the different materials...

Céline Spring Summer 2011 Natural Linen And Black Calfskin Cabas

Before Spring Summer 2011 is over... I thought I will unveil another of my satisfying purchase made during the current season. One of the must-haves in my wishlist ever since I first laid eyes upon it...

Yes, it's none other than Céline's Natural Linen And Black Calfskin Cabas! The contrasting textures of materials and luxurious leather-lined interior makes this a standout piece of Céline's Spring Summer 2011 range. The bag sold out in a short time at the Céline stores here in Singapore. I guess I am not the only one who loved the simplicity and rawness which epitomises Phoebe Philo's understated aesthetics.

Because of the choice of using linen as a material, I always thought this bag can work only for Spring Summer seasons. My perception was proven wrong when Kwannam from 'We Could Grow Up Together' demonstrated that the cabas can extend its appeal to Fall Winter looks too. He carried his cabas wearing a tweed jacket, jeans and stunning red leather brogues... Simply fabulous and inspiring!

Below: Kwannam from 'We Could Grow Up Together' inspired me that this bag works for winter looks too! Love how he carried his cabas with tweed jackets and red leather brogues...
Besides being timeless, the cabas' neutral design also allows for decorating with bag accessories. Love the way my Céline cabas looked with my Prada 'Edward' robot charm and Gucci Furry tail key ring. I am now keenly awaiting to get Céline's longer fox tail to make the bag even more luxurious:-)

Below: Add bag charms to further enhance the appeal of the bag... I know I absolutely love my Prada 'Edward' Robot and Gucci Fur Tail on the bag:-P

Long live Céline! This is my 3rd Céline Leather Cabas and I am still lusting more.

(Lastly, I must especially thank a particular person for the acquisition of this new bag. You know who you are! Thank you:-P)

Source: myMANybags, We Could Grow Up Together


Unknown said...

Awesome! Great looking Cabas! I agree love the contrast of linen and calfskin. Congrats on your newest conquest.

SE@N said...

my friend got the exact same bag. It looks 10 times better in person, especially the leather lining.

Anthony said...


we could grow up 2gether said...

oh no u didn't! i am calling joan rivers! cos bitch stole mah look! lol. just kidding. im happy for you! celine! celine! celine! celine! did i tell u i lost my prada robot trick in china town! gone!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Oh no... Chinatown is a dangerous place for Prada robots! Haha.

Yeah, I wanna raid your closet someday:-) So watch out, here I come. And my Céline in tow to bag as much as I can:-)


kidding. Love your new luggage tote!

Grrr... cat claws out...jealous.