Saturday, 25 June 2011

My Bag Collection #63

Below: Another new bag for Spring Summer 2011... Mihara Yasuhiro's 'Grunge' Birkin makes it to
my bag collection. Love it!

Below: Details that resembles the read deal (Hermès Birkins)... but with a unique feature in the form of hand cut extension flaps on the front and back. An unfinished appeal that gave this Mihara Yasuhiro bag it's personality:-)
Below: I debut the bag today... amidst stares along Orchard Road:-P Fun experience. Love the size of the bag too.
Mihara Yasuhiro 'Grunge' Birkin In Brown

Japanese designer, Mihara Yasuhiro's twisted take on the legendary Hermés Birkin is one of the most controversial (if not most interesting and fun) bag to be had this Spring Summer 2011. Behold, Mihara Yasuhiro's 'Grunge' Birkin, a deliberate 'wicked sense of humour' directed at an iconic bag:-) I first blogged about this 'Grunge Birkin' here and had mixed reactions from bag fans all over. The 'Grunge' birkin name (which I innocently gave the bag when I wrote my post) somehow got stuck as the bag's unofficial title as word gets spread around the internet. (something I must admit I am in a way proud of:-P).

Some bag lovers hated the guts of Mihara Yasuhiro while others understood his humour and sarcasm... but I just love the bag for the fun of it. Of course, knowing it's from Mihara Yasuhiro (he is often applauded for his innovative mens collections) gave me even more reason to want the bag. Hence, the 'Grunge' Birkin became a must-have in my SS2011 shopping list.

Unfortunately, Singapore's Club 21 store did not stock the colour I want, so I had to turn to my original source, Club 21 Thailand for the acquisition of the bag. Navy was my first choice of colour, but this Thailand exclusive hue sold out at the time I had wanted to buy the bag. I had no choice but to settle for another colour which turn out to be a blessing in disguise. I chose a reddish brown tone which is absolutely gorgeous and I am loving it more day after day. The textured leather used is also more polished and structured than it's distressed leather counterparts, hence holding the shape better. To sweeten the appeal, the bag gets complimenting gold tone hardware which adds a welcoming touch of luxury.
Mihara Yasuhiro's 'Grunge' Birkin is crafted with longer handles (can shoulder sling easily), comes in a handy size (about 38cm width) but most interestingly, features a unique hand cut extension (no two bags are alike) on the front and back of the bag. It is these odd extensions that gave that 'unfinished' appeal which forms the bag's personality. Love it!

I debut the bag to a flurry of staring eyes, walking down Orchard Road today... all in the name of good fun and humour:-) This bag is fast becoming my top favourite bag... a fun and unique addition to my bag collection. Well done Mihara Yasuhiro!

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(PS. the Mihara Yasuhiro 'Grunge' birkin also comes in a mens size (about 42cm width) that is exclusive to Club 21 Mens Singapore. Do check it out!)

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Deney said...

Mind if I ask for the price of the bag? Highly doubt we'll get some here in the US.

Unknown said...

Yey! You!