Thursday, 2 June 2011

My MANy Bags Trendspotting #175

Below: Men wearing excessive jewellery has always been a social stigma. But Pelayo Diaz (katelovesme) proves otherwise, that boys can pull off sizable, statement making bling bling! Love his look!

Below: Love how Pelayo pairs his huge Mawi necklaces with smart suitings and shirts, pieces typically belonging to a men's domain...

Men Wearing Chunky Jewellery: Yes or No?

There has always been a social stigma for guys attempting to adorn themselves with excessive bling bling other than a nice watch, your wedding ring or perhaps in recent times, a leather bracelet or necklace. Anything beyond the aforementioned, garners frowning eyes that pierce deep into your psyche questioning your masculinity. Jewellery for guys has hence always been kept at a minimum. The less obstrusive, the better.

With masculinity at stake, many guys conform and jewellery for guys never really take off or was propagated in men's fashion. Only with the arrival of Spring Summer 2011 season that things took a turn.

Lanvin was bold with their Spring Summer 2011 mens collection and challenges the stigma of guys dressing up with chunky, sizable pieces of jewellery. This mad craze for statement accessories started in womenswear and has slowly filter down to guys, just in time with the present 'gender confused' fashion craze. Having said that, I still wonder how successful those pieces translated to sales in Lanvin stores this season. Even the most forward fashionable male would think thrice before adopting those necklaces. I know I will contemplate too.

Below: Lanvin has introduced some 'over the top' jewellery for their SS2011 Mens collection...

Below: Eye catching and menacing Rottweiler teeth necklace from Givenchy's FW2011 Mens collection...
That is until Mr Prince Pelayo (Blogger for came into the picture. I am a huge fan of Pelayo. His unique individualistic take on mens fashion is always inspiring and surprising. Right now, I am very taken by his recent looks wearing the most eye catching of jewellery (MAWI necklaces to be exact). It is this bold attempt to wear chunky jewellery (usually reserved for women) while making them not look any less masculine than got me very excited. I love the idea of spicing up a look with just the right amount of 'shock value':-) Pelayo is clever to erode away the 'men wearing jewellery' stigma by matching them with the most male oriented look: shirts and suits. Shirts and suits have always been a man's domain... and with this pairing, those chunky bejewelled Mawi necklaces suddenly shines without shredding away any of his masculine appeal. Pelayo has made big jewellery look right for guys! (Of course, him being so cute makes him get away with anything.)

What do you think? Is it socially and fashionably acceptable for guys to wear chunky jewellery? Will you attempt the look yourself or not in a million years?

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Source: Mawi, Kate Loves Me, Style, Lanvin, Givenchy


Milan Boya said...

nice jewelry!

LeXa said...

Love the Mawi necklace..And Yes men should wear chunky jewelries..Necklace,bracelet and ring,but NO NO no for earrings..xx

Star7 said...

I agree men should wear chunky pieces. I make them and wear them. Sometime a plain outfit only needs a nice bit of ethnic flash and your off.
Yes to big Necklaces and bracelets on men.