Friday, 7 October 2011

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #235

Below: Kitsuné's SS2012 Mens Collection lets you travel to the optimistic era of 1920's and be inspired by American classic movie 'The Great Gatsby'....
Below: Preppy and smart...
Below: Pastel colours for a refreshing summer in the city... Enduring 'redefined' classics that will stay in your wardrobe for a long time to come...
Kitsuné Spring Summer 2012 Menswear: The Great Gatsby

Sometimes you do not bags of bells and whistles to whip up new ideas for a collection. Less is more and evoking an emotional response to the pieces can sometimes leave a deeper impression. Kitsuné is such a brand. It's not avant garde, nor does it try to position itself to be innovative and revolutionary. All the brand wanted was to define the ‘new classic‘ with distinguished clothing for men and women of the highest quality for everyday life. Taking references from yesteryear and turning them into a modern story.

Fall Winter 2011 moved you with the romance of 'Brokeback Mountain'. And for the upcoming Spring Summer 2012, Kitsuné wants to bring you the optimistic spirit of 'The Great Gatsby' where American society enjoyed prosperity during the roaring 1920's when the economy soared. Suffice to day, men's dressing then was elegant, refined and with a bright outlook. This was reflected in the SS2012 Kitsuné collection but made relevant for today. A collection with simple, enduring pieces that stays in your wardrobe for many years to come. I am already a fan.

Here's the synopsis of the collection:
This Spring Summer 2012 collection lives part-time in Long Island’s North Shore and the rest of the time in Manhattan. It’s the juxtaposition of soft cotton and linen fabrics with city style shapes. Inspired by famous American classic movie “The Great Gatsby” which is the adaption of a novel by F.Scott Fitzgerald published in 1925, the collection features strong pastel colours mixed with cream & taupe based, impeccable Japanese Oxford cotton for the classic shirt, amazing Italian linen-cotton for the cocktail jacket, new washing care for the summer jeans, and cool check for the shirting. The collection has a flawless conception of great quality fabrics, visual colour matching, and a timeless philosophy. It’s about going away for the weekend, driving from the city apartment to the Long Island holiday house in a pastel cotton safari jacket, poplin button down shirt, white washed selvitch chino pants and colourful deerskin moccasins.

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Source: Kitsuné

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