Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Runway Sniper #80

Below: Parisian menswear brand, AMI is now on my fashion radar... I love the designers's philosophy of dressing real guys... creating accessible styles that is both modern and timeless...

Below: The styling and colour ways are a thumbs up for me...
Parisian Menswear, AMI Fall Winter 2011 Collection

Top fashion brands the likes of Jil Sander, Prada and Louis Vuitton may be highlights of any fashion week... but sometimes guys just want accessible fashion, devoid of overtly abstract concepts, out of this world constructions and over the top styling.

Parisian menswear brand, AMI is just this little fashion savior the fashion gods have sent to guys all over the world to address this calling. We have always been enthralled by Parisian mens' ensemble, their panache, but not too much effort styles have inspired many. Designer Alexandre Mattiussi (who worked at Dior Homme's 30 Avenue Montaigne line, at Marc Jacobs, and at Givenchy before starting his own label), managed to capture this attitude of french dressing and stand out amongst a sea of fashion giants. Now in its 3rd season, AMI is getting approval from style savvy guys all around the world. His fast growing stockists is proof of this. From top fashion retailers like Barneys, Mr Porter, Le Bon Marché, 10 Corso Como, to The Webster... the list is expanding.

For Fall Winter 2011, Alexandre Mattiussi is inspired by the idea of a weekend getaway after a week of hard toiling at the office. "The idea at the beginning was a Friday night, after a really hard week," Mattiussi said. "You take the Range Rover, you put the Labrador in the back of the car, you keep your shoes, you keep your trousers, you're going to spend three days in Normandy at your parents' home with the guys."

Think gun-club checks and waterproofed plaid barn jackets, denim jeans, smart blazers and all the timeless pieces of mens clothing you and your friends would find and appropriate from dad's closets. The philosophy of the collection was reality—not fancy fashion.

Below: Floral pants with a cosy knit... very apt for the designer's inspiration of a weekend getaway out of the city:-) I would wear this look!
I especially adored the styling and colour palette. Pale pink trousers, bright burnt orange coats and floral print trousers made a lot of sense. Especially now when menswear trends are going back to fundamentals since the past 2 seasons.

I will be sure to pay lots of attention to AMI from now on. Thanks to Mr Porter, AMI menswear is now accessible for purchase by everyone. The problem is deciding which pieces should you add to your online shopping cart:-)

If you cannot wait for the Fall Winter 2012 collection to debut, click here to see Mr Porter's selection of AMI menswear for Spring Summer 2012.

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