Sunday, 17 June 2012

My MANy Life's Inspirations #15

 Below: Brad Goreski... we have seen his impeccable taste in clothes. Now take a tour of his home and check out his interior decor tastes and amazing closet...:-P
A peek Into Brad Goreski's Home By The Coveteur

We all know who Mr 'mighty cute' Brad Goreski is. But have you wondered beyond all his cheeky personality and impeccable taste in style... what do you imagine his home would be like?

Well, wait no further... The Coveteur (one of my favourite blogs) just got an all access pass to Mr Brad's home with his boyfriend Gary in Hollywood Hills. Surprisingly, no Leopard skins and aplenty studs, pink feather boas nor 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' setup...

What's present in the amazing home, are masculine, retro chic furnishings... tastefully decorated, a wonderful pool and a closet that will induce the envy out of every guy. From Christian Louboutins to YSL to Black Fleece... all the dapper and fun brands are up for picks.

Read the captions on each pic as quoted by the man himself... they are so witty funny on some and can only be from Brad.

Brad Goreski is sunshine and inspiration. You cannot help but smile when you look at him.

Source: The Coveteur

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