Saturday, 6 August 2016

Fendi 'Faces' Backpacks For Fall Winter 2016

BelowFendi has a new backpack design this Fall Winter 2016… No I am not referring to the 'Faces' motifs inspired by emojis and emoticons… but the clever design that allows for conventional shoulder carry and cross body sling like a messenger bag! Of course, the kitschy but instagram friendly furry 'faces' version just begs for a good hug:-P
Below: Carry it on your back or sling it like a messenger… all thanks to adjustable shoulder straps that can vary in length to allow for this unique feature!

 Below: It's all about furs for Fendi this Fall Winter 2016 (Fur versions start from £3450)...

Fendi 'Faces' Mens Backpacks  For Fall Winter 2016 

There is a new ‘face’ in town this Fall Winter 2016, thanks to Fendi. Yes, the brand that brought us the quirky and coveted bag bugs has something new and cute to join your bag collection.

The new ‘faces’ collection (Inspired by the millennia generation of emojis and emoticons) cleverly uses hardware to create different face motifs on their new colour block bag designs. Complimented by bold colours, they achieve a very graphic appeal and most importantly, looking exceptionally instagram friendly. And since kitschy is the hot trend now, the more irreverently weird, the more interesting and wallet inducing they are.

However, the one thing that truly appealed to me for Fendi's new fall winter collection are not these surface embellishments. It is one of the very unique backpack design that allows the owner to conventionally wear the backpack on the shoulders and also allow for cross body sling, like a messenger bag. Very cool idea indeed!

Through the clever use of adjustable shoulder straps, the length can be varied for 2 ways to carry. It even becomes the top handle when in shoulder strap mode. A simple idea but highly innovative. I always find backpacks trying at times to retrieve your contents since they can be hard to sling to the front when on your shoulders. So being able to carry it like a messenger when needed (such as rushing up to the bus), the bag instantly becomes more user friendly.

There are many options for this format of the backpacks. Choose from furry ‘Faces’ motif in striking coloured fur or plain leather ones with a detachable clutch/pouch in contrasting colour (reminiscent of the ladies dotcom bag). I also adore the ultra luxurious brown mink version, but only if I am living in a temperate region and will feel so cosy during winter time:-P

Go check out this new backpack! Innovation meets quirky definitely equates a must have in my books:)

Below: If fur is not your thing… then this full leather version (reminiscent of the women's dot com bag) has a contrasting coloured pouch and the same adjustable shoulder straps.(£1860)

Source: Fendi

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Louis Vuitton Monogram Eclipse

Below: Louis Vuitton's highly anticipated Fall Winter 2016 monogram eclipse collection will hit stores come July 15... The monochrome intepretation of the maison's iconic monogram pattern gives the collection a quasi military air... ultra modern and intensely sexy! If you plan to get your hands on some... check out pics of the collection below to help you decide:-)
Below: Footwear are part of the offering for the new Monogram Eclipse... love the discretionary use of the monogram eclipse pattern on the shoes... subtle but unmistakably recognisable:-)
Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2016 Monogram Eclipse Collection

Before the highly anticipated Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2016 Monogram Eclipse collection hits the stores this July 15... time to take a peek at what's on offer.

First spotted prominently on the Fall/Winter 2016 show in Paris, this new line is another interpretation of the maison’s popular and evergreen signature monogram design. Drawing inspiration from Louis Vuitton’s iconic Malle Courrier travel trunk, the Monogram Eclipse collection updated the pattern in grey and black, creating a ultra modern and yet tougher, quasi-military appeal.

The Monogram Eclipse bags, shoes and accessories are up-to-the-minute sharp, with metallic accents and hardware in dark grey to match. I love the keepall and the skates sneakers... those are screaming my name:-P What about you?

Can’t wait to check out the collection when they start hitting the stores. But I reckon they will not stay long there if you are thinking of getting some of them!

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Below: An extensive collection that will appeal to many... but that keepall and skates sneakers are screaming my name!

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Source: Louis Vuitton

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Sudio Vasa Blå Bluetooth Earphones

Below: Now I can listen to my music cord-free... thanks to Sudio Vasa Blå bluetooth earphones:-) No more tangled up of cords and restrictive movements because of earhphone cords... Perfect for lazing in bed on Sundays! Love my new black and rose gold version.. they are a good match for all your fashion accessories:-)

Below: Function meets good design... these swedish design earphones are beautiful and packs quality studio sounds. The bass is great and sounds crisp and clear. Love it!

Below: Comes in 4 colours... black, white, blue and even pink for the ladies!

Get cord-free! Sudio Vasa Blå Bluetooth Earphones

Sundays are best spent sleeping in and staying in bed. And music will be your best companion for your much well deserved ‘me time’:-)

But messy earphone cords are always one of my frustrations when using them. They get tangled up and you cannot move freely, hands free... always burdened to have to bring your music players with you. Just imagine if you are using your laptop to enjoy your music or movies... that will be a massive bulk to carry around.

So thanks to Swedish lifestyle brand, Sudio... there is now a cord-free bluetooth version that is not only user friendly but a design marvel to behold. As Scandinavians always do, they appreciate the beauty of simplicity, so the new Sudio Vasa Blå earphones features a minimalistic modern design accented with gorgeous touches of rose gold. They come in white, blue and pink...but my favourite is the black.

Below: No more messy long cords that restricts movement... perfect for any occassion... especially for running and being outdoors:-)

All you need now is charged up these beauties and start listening... free from all those long earphone cords! With studio quality sound that allows 8 hours of freedom, Sudio Vasa Blå works with your phone and take calls with the built in microphone and control your phone with the remote. The Vasa Blå is compatible with all Bluetooth devices, so the versatility is endless. I would say they make a good running companion too! I also appreciate all the different sized ear caps that comes with the set which will cater to all sizing of ear shapes. (These amazing earphones retail for SGD165 on website

Best of all... Sudio ships to Singapore FREE!

Order now with code “mymanybags” and get 15% off. In addition, you also get 20% from tax rebate which adds up to 35% savings.

(Get a Free summer tote bag with every purchase from 13 June - 31 July (limited pieces available)

I love mine in sexy black and rose gold. An earphone that is sure to match up all your fashion pieces!

Below: Comes all packed with different size ear caps and even a leather pouch and matching rose gold clip:-)

Source: Sudio