Sunday, 15 June 2008

My Bag Collection #31

Helmut Lang Canvas Doctor's Bag

Helmut Lang...a name that almost been forgotten until the resurrection of the brand recently with a new collection by a new creative team. So I thought I should do a post on this bag, which fortunately was acquired when Helmut Lang, himself was still in creative control. Helmut Lang is known for his well cut clothing, simple and yet provocative modern clothing. As does his clothing, this beautiful canvas Doctor's bag has an understated charm without being too flashy or trashy.

I love the colour of the bag. The beige canvas with the tone-on-tone Beige leather handles and magnetic buckled closure tabs makes this a very gorgeous daily companion. The top of the bag is reinforced with metal frames, similar to a doctor's bag and features internal pockets and base metal studs. The handy size could drop in quite a handful of your belongings. But I doubt the handles is made for carrying laptops. I dare not try!

One flaw about the bag is it is made of soft canvas and with a metal frame for the opening, that means the bag is slouchy when not filled and the heavy top keeps drooping down when you open the bag to get the contents. Fortunately, I found I can live with that small inconvenience so the bag is still a charmer to me.

Retail price: Approx. SGD $800. Where to buy: Helmut Lang Boutique at Pacific Plaza (Now Closed)


Anonymous said...

where can i buy helmut lang in sg???


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Mich,

A small selection of the relaunched Helmut Lang is available now at Blackjack at Forum Shopping Mall. DO check it out:-)

Kevin said...

this bag is nice! i heart helmut lang
and at $800!!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Too bad the designer is no longer holding the creative reins.

But new team is handling the designs with some menswear. But I am not sure about accessories.

you a fan of helmut lang?:-) said...

i love the old helmut lang, we are all waiting for him to come back.

John said...

I had this bag, too, during that season! I had the same complaint that you did... it was just too "slouchy" and I found it hard to use. It was almost too large.

As well, if you filled it enough to keep it from slouching, it was so heavy it about broke my arm!

In any case, I'm glad to see somebody else who has the bag and I really miss "real" Helmut Lang. Cheers to a great blog!