Saturday, 7 June 2008

The Material Boy #98

Mulberry Hand Clipper Travel Bag

After all the frantic sale shopping the past few days, I almost forgot my 'duties' here on my own blog. Have not done any 'research' for new bags to lust for these few days. So this evening, I browsed thru the web, and thought to check out Mulberry's website. What caught my eye this time is the smaller version of the classic clipper bag, the Hand Clipper.

This timeless handheld travel bag is reminiscent of LV's keepall except it comes with a shoulder strap that clips on D-rings which are folded and hooked on to the bag if not in use. I thought that was a really appealing and nice feature! The hand clipper 2 rolled short handles for comfortable hand carry and features internal pockets and suede lining(luxurious!). Comes also with a luggage tag and padlock(concealed in a small leather pouch).

One thing that I feel Mulberry could do better is to have the bag in a more exciting colour range. Oak, chocolate and black may be classic and safe masculine colours for the male gender, but urban metrosexuals love some dash of colours to spice up their look. I have 'photoshop' up my dream version of the hand clipper bag in bold red and bright blue! Look how different the bag is being transformed. I know I would want one if these colours becomes a reality!:-P

Maybe Mulberry can be inspired to add more splash of vibrancy to the men's colour range? Once in a while for seasonal trends?

Nonetheless, the hand clipper will be a stylish companion on flights, gym or even walking down orchard road:-P

(Note: does ship internationally! And the prices are so much cheaper than Singapore!)

Retail price: UK 695 pounds. Where to buy:

4 comments: said...

good photoshop skills!
i thought the blue looks nice heh

save money save money!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I think I was too inspired by your red vuitton bag:-P hehe. So I like those colours as seen on the tobago range. Blue and red...

yes, if only Mulberry clipper has that would have been divine!

How is your sale ammunition levels now? Did you managed to save up for the sale or you are still expending that before the sale? When will the sale happen in London? soon I hope!

I love your new posts about the LV camo print bags!

LVoe it!

Kevin:-P said...

i am strangely attracted to the camo print, and i have sleepless nights thinking about the keepall. i must be insane.

ammo is low, but wishlist is high.

but we only live once, what the heck.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Same here:-( I have run out of my sales shopping ammo and there is still club 21 sale to go thru. Yikes. I dun know what to do...dun really want to get in credit card ammo too much. but still so many 'targets' to aim for. hahahah.