Sunday, 9 November 2008

My Shopping Conquest #35

Topman Black Tux Skinny Fit Blazer
(Reveal from 'The Past Sunday's Loot...')

I am a huge fan of the blazer look. I dun carry off the full suit well, but I adore suiting styles. I love sartorial chic and elegance without the restraining feel of a full suit. Therefore, a blazer fits my requirements perfectly.

However, finding a well cut blazer suitable for my build is a challenge. I am tall and slim which often make the body of the blazers too big for me for European/American brands or the sleeves are too short for Asian brands. There are some nice cuts from labels like Marni, D&G and Raf Simons that fits me perfect, but seeing how Singapore weather is consistently hot, I try to refrain from 'investing' too much money on outer wear unless they are super fitting or marked down. I believe a good jacket is hard to come if I spot one, I will usually will end up buying.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I stepped into Topman Wisma Atria at Isetan, last Sunday to try on their suit jackets and blazers. What made me took the effort to even try them on is the 'Skinny Fit' description on the label:-) That is a good clue that these blazers are made for slim people like me. The styles were also very modern, with shorter body length but not short sleeves:-P It was somewhat a match made in heaven for me! I was right with my gut feeling. When I tried the blazer, they fit like a glove! No need for any alterations, I can easily wear them the way as it is:-)

Hurray! I have finally discovered a good place to shop chic and cheap blazers! Such great news.

I picked up 2 styles of blazers to try that Sunday. First one was a more conventional shawl collared style in coated linen. Upon seeing I had chosen a black blazer, the sales person recommended me a more contemporary 'tux style' blazer with a more unique cut. It is of a short cropped style but the bottom of the blazer is done with an angular design instead of the usual straight or round shape. I love the design! Reminds me of Dior Homme's Spring Summer 2009 cropped jackets (Without the ballooning effect)! After putting the 'tux style' blazer on, I look good! The button is fasten not by conventional overlapping way of buttoning, but using dual connecting buttons, it loop from one hole to the other. I thought that was unique! Never seen a blazer done this way:-)

Upon checking the price, I was even more happy. It was very affordable with reasonably good quality construction. I knew I must buy the blazer. After some tough decision making between the 2 designs I tried on ...I ended up with my new 'Black Tux Skinny Fit Blazer'! I was very pleased. Adding to the joy of the shopping experience, I was offered enrolment into Topshop's loyalty programme which offers me 10% off subsequent regular priced items and points redemption rewards as well. Hurray!

Just as Kate Moss loves Topshop, I love Topman!

(I am wearing, Topman Brown Crewneck T-shirt, Balenciaga 'B' Belt, DSquared2 Shorts, Comme Des Garcon Silver Print Shoes, Gucci Ring, Unbranded 'Clothes Hanger and Shirt' Cutout Brass Necklace from Egg3, Scarlet Hotel)

Retail price: SGD $233. Where to buy: Topman at Isetan Wisma Atria


Unknown said...

Kevin did you went to the "club 21 bazaar".....i think you definitely went cause it is "a must go".....

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

no i did not.:-P the location is too out of the way and i usually cannot find anything decent unless you go on the first day. So I decided not to go.:-)

oh fudge said...

I have a similar blazer from G-Star raw. Fits me well.

Anonymous said...

is that the CDG whore them without socks.your feet will smell rite????

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Anonymous,

It's really funny you asked this question. Well, my answer is it depends on your personal hygiene. And whether if you have sweaty feet.

Well, mine sure do not smell. I dunno about yours.

Yes, it's CDG shoes.