Saturday, 5 July 2008

My Shoe Collection #31

Comme Des Garcon Silver Print Canvas Trainers

Today while heading to Club 21 Mens at Four Seasons Hotel to pick up my alteration for my Raf Simons jacket, I cannot help but pick up a new pair of shoe by Comme Des Garcon.:-) I have blogged about this shoe previously and now I finally own it. I am surprised at such a good price and in such a nice design, sizes are still available after 2 weeks of sale. I got a pair of size 41 and that was a new pair instead of the one on display. And I notice, there were still other sizes left should you have bigger feet.:-)

Happily I bag this pair of shoe after I tried it on. It just looks cool. Being a pair of white shoe, it is amazingly easy to match and wear anytime of the day. The silver print also adds some sparkle and glamour for an interesting night out too. One interesting design feature that I notice which was interesting to me, was the design of the shoe flap. It is unlike that of your normal shoe. This pair of Comme Des Garcon shoes was designed so the shoe flap slips in place along slots created on both sides beneath the shoe lace holes. That means the flap will hold its place when you wear it on your feet, will not get easily tangled up or moved around (which I dislike). Pretty sweet idea I must say.

On a last note, I had the left side of the pair I was buying exchanged with the one from the display pair (only one side of the shoe was displayed, so fortunately the display pair's left side was in the storeroom with minimum number of people trying it on). Reason being, the sides were a bit crushed and I was not happy about the condition.:-P I can be picky sometimes.

At a great price of SGD $188 (30% discount), and really comfortable. Also comes in black with silver prints as well:-)

Retail price: SGD $269. Where to buy: Club 21 Mens at Four Seasons Hotel


Hairi said...

hella,anyway wat sizes were left cause i feel like buying and it.......SO AFFORDABLE

Kevin said...

Hi Hairi,
Many size are left. Size 41 is still left for the white version. And for black version, I believe it is the same.

Yes, very affordable. And yet it is comme des garcons!:-P

00o00 said...

tooo many shoes tooooo many shoes! lol

Kevin said...

yes, Joseph, too many shoes...But shoes are the most easy and convenient to buy, dun you agree? Just sit down on a nice sofa seat, wait for the sales person to bring you the shoe, take off your old one and put on new's done. You like it usually:-) hahaha

I need to curb shoe buying. and for goodness sake, all matters of shopping. I just did some wardrobe spring cleaning..and I had 3 big bags of clothes to giveaway or throw. so wasteful.:-(

Gosh...I feel bad

Hairi said...

kevin, i just bought the shoes at 50 percent in the black version n it was a great buy at only 135,just wanna ask should i wear it without socks or with it...with shorts should be great rite?

Kevin said...

Hi Hairi,

congrats on the purchase! I should have waited till this week to buy the shoe:-P

You can wear it with socks if you are paring it with jeans or trousers. But if you are pairing with shorts, I recommend no socks or ankle length socks which can be hidden in the shoe. Socks and shoes with shorts is kinda nerdy. But these days designers are pulling off that look as well for their runways. But I will not do that.:-P

Cool shoes eh?:-P

waxy/quijano said...

hey kevin!

my mom and dad are in singapore right now, and they got the black one for me. thanks for the heads up! it's now 50% off. i'm lucky that my size is still available! :D

Kevin said...

Excellent! This is a great pair of shoe! Very versatile and chic. Your parents are so nice!

Anonymous said...

They are :).

Anyway, check out my pair:

oh, i added you on my fave links. hope you don't mind. ;)

Kevin said...

Welcome to my blog, Quijano:-)

Thanks for the link. Will link your blog as well.

Glad you got the shoe. You are the 2nd person who this pair of shoe after reading about it here.:-) So happy I can share the goodies to the fellow shoppers.