Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Material Boy #23

I got my Balenciaga Short Pants!

I knew I have never fared too well against the temptations of beautiful clothes. I subcumb to my weakness for fashion and purchased these 3 items from Balenciaga yesterday.

1) Khaki 'Flared' Short Pants - These make you look like you are an old world explorer of the far east...or closer to hear, the police man shorts from old days, 1940s Singapore? Nevertheless, they were cute. Love the fabric, colour and detailing. The construction is so complex when you look at it up close. I hope I can pull it off without looking ridiculous. I need those boots! Or Philip Lim's Gladiator Sandals!

2) Beige 3 Quarter 'Jodhpur' Style Pants - This is a longer version of the short pants. In the same design. Different colour. But it gives a totally different style when you wear it. Again, I am not sure how to work it. On its own, it looks awesome and 'cute' in a way. But wonder how I can fit it with my other pieces in my wardrobe. It's a gamble. I did pay big bucks for this pants.

3) 'B' Buckle Camel Coloured Belt - Lovely antique finish brass buckle. More shiny than the pic shows. Lovely colour as well. The white stitching on the egdes of the belt is charming.

Retail price:
1) Balenciaga Khaki 'Flared' Short Pants - SGD $899

2) Balenciaga Beige 3 Quarter 'Jodhpur' Style Pants - SGD $969

3) Balenciaga 'B' Buckle Camel Coloured Belt - SGD $469

Where to buy: Club 21 Mens at Four Seasons Hotel


shoe-holic said...

Saw the pants over the weekend. Interesting details, but it feels a little heavy don't you think? I am sweating just thinking about it. ;-) The bias cut is really unique however this creates a flared look to the butt and upper thigh area. I don't think it will look nice on slightly bulkier men. Will make them look bottom heavy. ;-p

Kevin said...

I was not really sure about these balenciaga shorts and short pants at first. The flaring might look like I am wearing a skirt. So I have to slowly get used to the look. However, one thing for sure, it is very unique and after a while, I grew to like it! Especially the short pants. Look like pants from old india or arabia. hahah. Interesting. that is why I got both and waiting for my pierre hardy or prada open toe shoes to complete the look.

Bulky men might have trouble pulling off the look. Even my skinny legs poses some probs. I have to keep pressing the flared part down so it does not 'burst' out so much:-P

Sometimes, you just have to be a trend setter and lead the fashion pack by trying new designs. hehe. that is what makes fashion so exciting.

what's your look like? Like I mentioned before in my blog, I love the glamorous resort or traveller look. Anything that reminds me of holiday attire.:-P

Shoe-holic said...

good question. my look...hmm. i'm a right-winged conservativist. At work, traditional pants with plain coloured shirts. I used to wear lots of stripes, but something hard knocked me on my head one day and am now moving towards the Jil Sander look I'd say.

weekends, it's my trusty kaki shorts and polo t / short sleeve shirt. Bag only if I heading to the gym.

Kevin said...

well, business attire is the norm for working males.:-) Just as long as you pay attention to the fit. That will keep you slick and stylish all the time. weekend gear is almost what I would wear. I am a jeans guy. Wear them almost everyday. Strange thing is although I have so many pairs of jeans, I keep wearing the same few pairs. :-(

have a good work day. chat more soon.