Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The Material Boy #200

1) 'Martin' Leather Duffel Bag

2) 'Martin' Jersey Duffel Bag

3) Mr. Marc Tote

4) 'Hugo' Backpack/Shoulder Bag

Marc By Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2009 Mens Bags

200 and counting! Yes, this is the 200th 'wants' from me. So many wants...I need more money! Where can I 'pimp' for more? Grrr... Watching last night's Forbes Top 20, below aged 25, rich and famous countdown list does not help either! Harry Porter's cast of young actors make at least 5 million a year! Oh my. They dun have to work a day in their lives when they reach adulthood. :-P

Enough whining. Here's to my 200th 'The Material Boy' posts. And what better way to lust than to babble about Mr Marc Jacobs quirky and young Marc By Marc Jacobs line. Check out these cute man bags from Marc By Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2009 Mens collection. I love the duffel bags and that super cute Mr. Marc tote! I want! The illustration is so cute.

This is definitely a great improvement over his past seasons' man bags. These are very practical, easy styles that fit a young men's wardrobe. The 'Martin' duffels in tan leather and grey jersey features thin shoulder straps which I adore. The 'Mr Marc Tote' is of course an instant hit with me becos of the bright blue colour and whacky illustration (Finally, it's the boys' turn to get the 'Marc' character bags!) The 'Hugo' backpack style runway bag is also interesting to create a school boy look as per the models in the pics. So fun:-) Love it.

Something to excite the bag radar and just in time for affordable chic bags in a 'gloomy' 2009. Okay, I'd say this becos of the 'depressing' news report of Singapore economy's 2009 projected growth last night. We need more shopping to spruce up the economy!:-P Here's to another 200 'The Material Boy' posts!



Anonymous said...

Goodness, the Mr. Marc tote bag is too cute for words!! :D

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I cute! Need to buy it!

agrasshopper said...

i really like to have a bag like 2) 'Martin' Jersey Duffel Bag. I love Man bags!

Anonymous said...

lovin' that mr. marc tote.