Sunday, 13 July 2008

My Shoe Collection #32

Lanvin Suede And Copper Metallic Leather Dock Shoe

Yes, I have it! Yes I finally own it! This is the ultimate shoe that I have been lusting for the whole spring summer 2008 season. But the high prices of the shoe puts my shopping impulse on hold. At last, my wait is over and I was lucky enough to be able to get this shoe at 50% discount during Club 21's 50% sale this weekend. I was not willing to pay full price and not even 30% as it still costs a leg and arm..but at half price, I knew this shoe is definitely headed to my shoe closet!

I was ecstatic when I first saw this pair of beautiful and interesting dock shoes from Lanvin. The style is very much a classic, 'conservative' dock shoe design but now with Lucas Ossendrijver and Albar Elbaz ingenious spin, this shoe becomes hip, quirky and very relevant now! Geek chic? It's one of the defining shoe trends lately using patent metallic leather accents. Handmade in Italy, the shoe features copper tone metallic patent leather and the softest suede ever. A wooden low heel adds elegance to the shoe. Perfect for shorts and summer looks. It even goes well with pants.

I chose this dock shoe over the patent lace-ups as metallic leather creases very badly after a few wears. I know my metallic leather well considering how I suffered a bad experience with my Jil Sander Copper Metallic Leather Bag. So this dock shoe's metallic leather parts are not on high stress areas such as bends on your foot. Therefore no worries about the metallic leather creasing or cracking like an old women's face.

My patience truly paid off:-) I enjoyed a hefty savings and a brilliant pair of shoe:-) I love 50% sales and Club 21! I paid only SGD $720 for this pair of shoe. Madeline at Club 21 mens is truly a dear. She always helps me to hold items I like.:-)

(Lastly, pardon my hairy legs...oops. Hahaha...why on earth does hair grow so much on my legs! Yikes!)

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Retail price: SGD $1439. Where to buy: Club 21 Mens at Four Seasons Hotel


shoe-holic said...

HA HA i was just about to comment on your hairy legs. Go to STRIP and get it trimmed or something. *kiddin*

Kevin said...

I would love to go trim it..but one myth...will the hair grow back coarser and more? That is something I am afriad off...Yikes. Hahaha.

Did you have any success in retail therapy today? I decided not to go to town today..cos' I want to stay away from temptation.

shoe-holic said...

Yea i stayed away from the shops too. I went gym and watched a movie with a friend. Tat's it.

Oh I sent my jeans in to Prada for alteration and guess what. THE F/W08 collection is in store now. Gosh not sure if it's good news or bad for you
hahah. Anyway they carry the shoe that i bought in london but the material is slightly different.

Kevin said...

Fortunately, nothing for prada fall winter is really speaking to me now. So I am safe for the time being. I always have a weakness for Prada bags and shoes..but this season...I think I can escape unscathed:-P

Hurray! My bank account can grow this season perhaps.:-P

fallapart said...

i agree with shoe-holic, your legs so manly! wax much!

Kevin said...

but will the hair grow back with a vengance?:-P would be a disaster if it grows back thicker and more! Yikes! hahaha. I need a trim:-P

kjinXhedi said...

DAMN they are so nice...lucky. Such a great buy!

Def don't shave them...wax may be the only option? hehe

thompsonboy said...

I really cant understand the obsession with hairless chest and legs and's beautiful to see a pair hairy manly legs.

And I thought mine was 'bad' :P

Kevin said...

Oh my...I was not expecting my hair on legs to be a topic of discussion..hahaha.

Hmmmmm, wax perhaps...I probably start with a slight trim. and see what happens:-)

Anonymous said...


Jens said...

These are really glamourous boat shoes, haha.. Such are usually a bit geeky (and not even very useful aboard a boat), but these are cool.

I agree with thompsonboy about hair. Why is everyone so obsessed with removing it? I used to shave my chest, but then I realized I looked like a little kid when I did it.
If you want to, and go for wax however, it will not grow back "with a vengeance". Another idea, for anyone who has lots of hair but dont want to look like a kid, is to trim it. Buy a machine cutter with adjustable cutting length.

Kevin said...

Hi Jens,

thanks for the tip!:-)

Yeah, these boat shoes are more glamorous than anything else:-P I probably could not bear ruining these if I ever have to go aboard a boat...:-P

kennii said...

LOVE love love the shoes, the copper metalic color and may be the hair too. haha.

I trimmed mine once and i think i got 'hairier'. Bad move.

Kevin said...

Glad you like the shoe:-) Yeah, the copper colour makes it very attractive. As for the hair, I am worried...hahaha.

ManBag said...

Hi Kevin, this is ManBag from - LOVE the shoes!!! I can't find them anywhere in the United States - I know S/S 08 sales are almost over - but do you have any tips on websites that sell these Lanvin shoes - I'm more interested in the patent leather ones - esp. black, but I would buy another color too. Can you help?

Kevin said...

I cannot find any where that sells these shoes in patent leather. But if you are keen on this pair of dock shoes, exactly the same as mine, try It's a UK site. They still have this pair of dock shoes in size UK10 and UK7. It's going at 325 pounds sale. Good luck!:-) Glad you like the shoes!

uclaboi said...

Love the Lanvin boat shoes that you got! Enjoy them!

Kevin said...

Thank you...they are really nice. I love them as well.:-)

Alda said...

Darn! U're one lucky guy!! I really want that shoes.. I am so jealous of you.. ;p

PS: i think ur hairy legs are fine. dont do anything to ur feet, ok?

Rances said...

Hi Kevin

Since i stumbled across your blog i have not been able to stop looking for things to buy...

Like you, i am a major shoe and bad manwhore! It's ridiculous how spend copious amounts of money on shoes...but i love it! I love you're lanvin shoes and i want a pair to add to my shoe collection.

Do they still have the shoes at Club 21?

Did i mention i'm from Melbourne, Australia and i go to all lengths just to get shoes... :)

Keep up the good work buddy!


Kevin said...

Hello Rances,

Welcome to my blog! Thanks for the support. I am glad my blabberings did some help for your shopping decisions:-)

Yesterday while at Club 21 mens...I think I still see the Lanvin shoes on the rack. But the sizes I am not sure as I did not ask.

Good luck!