Tuesday, 2 September 2008

My Shopping Conquest #23

Marc By Marc Jacobs Cotton And Cashmere Blend Purple Trim Cardigan
(Reveal from 'What A Rainy Day Of Shopping...')

Yes, it's a Marc purchase again, from 2 Saturdays ago. I cannot seem to explain why I am so fascinated with Marc Jacob's designs lately. I just 'switched fashion allegiance' from Gucci and Balenciaga to Marc, I am a 'traitor'!

So for fall winter 2008/2009 season, Marc By Marc Jacobs to Louis Vuitton, I am shopping almost everything by him now. BTW, I was going to do the Louis Vuitton reveal today, but I had to do my workout and it's late by the time I am done. Tired from a long day of work, I decided to postpone it and instead show this purchase from Blackjack:-)

The story starts with me first catching sight of this Marc By Marc Jacobs Cotton And Cashmere Blend Purple Trim Cardigan at Blackjack (Yes, they stock Marc By Marc Jacobs items too, but slightly different range) which incidentally was also the shopping trip I spotted my Tsumori Chisato shirt. I was immediately attracted by the bright purple trim on the cardigan when I tried it on. And against the charcoal grey overall colour tone, it is both basic and fun:-P Can wear for many seasons to come! Longevity is a key consideration for my recent shopping trips.

To prevent making an impulsive purchase, I asked the helpful SAs in Blackjack to reserve the cardigan for 3 days so as to allow me ample time to consider. In my mind, I have already fallen in love with the cardigan, just that I was not prepared to spend the amount that this cardigan cost at that moment. The price is kinda high to be honest. (I was 'stingy' that Sat.) Plus, I was also worried about dry cleaning the fine knitted garment since dry cleaners here in Singapore are very careless! So time to think was a sensible move.

The following Thursday, I got the Tsumori Chisato shirt first, but asked to extend the reservation period at Blackjack so I can make a decision that weekend. I dunno why I did that when I knew I will buy it. Maybe it is just to comfort me that I am not over spending since I just bought the Tsumori shirt:-) Self consolation. It works! Hehe.

In the end, on that fateful, rainy Sat, after getting my Lanvin brooch and subsequent shopping spree, this cardigan came home with me. It is so soft and lightweight, yet warm enough for the recent rainy days. The purple trim along the buttons is also treated with a resin coating which is really interesting and special:-P Perfect for a geeky look, ala schoolboy chic?:-P Am I too old for that? #$%*&#...What the heck, I just love the cardigan! And I love Marc!

Retail price: SGD $539. Where to buy: Blackjack Boutique at Forum, The Shopping Mall

Source: Model pics from www.saks.com


alfred said...

omg i eyed this since i saw this! :(

congrats! how are u planning to wash it/ dry clean since u say that the dry cleaners here not good!

on another note, i see u talked about discounts in your posts, care to share which cards u have that have what discounts pls? :D

Kevin said...

I have only Classic Club 21 card members discounts of 15% for regular merchandise for Club 21 franchised brands. My Prada and Miu Miu VIP discount is thru invitation from way back (I was buying lots of miu miu men) and that is 10%.

I would love to have Gucci discounts. and since I do not have, I try as much to buy from takashimaya which offers a 6% rebate for DBS Taka amex. The rebate is is vouchers. Every $500 spent you get $30 taka vouchers. The taka vouchers can be used in luxury boutiques within the departmental store. I wonder if Hermes is included.

alfred said...

is the classic club21 card the one where u have to accumulate 50k points in a year?

then what about the normal club21 card?

00o00 said...

loving the cardigan, very nice
i am glad my parents are living in singapore, you're keeping the economy alive!

Jens said...

Hi Kevin, and fellow visitors of your blog..
This comment is a bit off topic.
I've been to a trip to Spain. There I found a Lanvin store, in Puerto Banus. It was the first time I entered one. Thought about you, because you have written quite a lot about Lanvin lately. They didnt have much mens fashion, but they had the lovely Arpege pour homme perfume which I bought. It is just my style, spicy and different, and not just like those citrus based things everybody uses. Highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin, ManBag here...I'm just curious...where is Marc by Marc Jacobs made? Do you have to have a "Made In..." label in Singapore like we do here in the USA?

Kevin said...

Hahaha, Joseph,I am doing only a small small part to keep the economy alive. But now I am going to find ways to keep my own economy alive instead of Singapore's:-P

And Jens, cool:-) Glad you found a fragrance you like. how was spain? Must be perfect weather now!

And Alfred, yes, the classic card needs at least a certain amount of points to qualify.

And ManBag, Marc By Marc Is made all over asia and some parts of europe and turkey etc. Hence the smaller price tag. But the designs is what counts, since it is not exactly the top tier luxury label's price. It's justifiable.:-P

alfred said...

oh may i then ask about the normal club21card, if theres any discount with it?

Kevin said...

Hi Alfred,

unfortunately, the normal club 21 card does not entitled holder to discounts. Only accumulation of club points for rewards redemption.
Have a good night!

Chat again later.:-P

shoe-holic said...

I saw a similar one from Jil Sander's F/W 08 collection at an online store (LuisaviaRoma).

GOSH it's to die for!!! I love love love it. I really hope they have it at C21 singapore. I really have no wish to buy it online without trying it on first. It's a whopping 463GBP. It will come up to almost 1.4k SGP. For a freaking cardigan?? Does it make sense? *fainting spells lurking as I give in to temptation more and more with each passing minute*

Kevin said...

Hey Jay, oh my..that's a huge price tag for a cardigan. Unless it's cashmere!

Luisaviaroma charges in Euros. So it may be less expensive than you think.

Try it on, clothing is best to try on before buying.

Welcome to baked beans boys club!