Sunday, 31 August 2008

My Shopping Conquest #22

Marc By Marc Jacobs Grey Plaid Wool Tailored Jacket
(Reveal from 'What A Rainy Day Of Shopping!')

I am going 'MARC' crazy!

Here you go, finally had time to snap some pics of what's lurking inside my Marc By Marc Jacobs shopping bag from last Saturday! Presenting the cute, the suave, the gorgeous Marc By Marc Jacobs Grey Plaid Wool Tailored Jacket! Look who's been wearing this down the Marc By Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2008/2009 runway's none other than the quirky, strange, gender bending, very hot model of the moment, Cole Mohr! He did MJ by MJ's ad campaign this season featuring his memorable crossing dressing looks.

Enough of Cole, back to my plaid jacket, this cropped style jacket looks gorgeous for this 'plaid' crazy season. And in a grey hue 'tartan' plaid, it will stand the test of seasonal trend and have more longevity than the 6 month period of this fall winter season. I love the short style of the jacket. As you all will have known, I find cropped tailored jackets much more easy to pull off without looking too formal. Perfect to take it out anyday. The cut of the jacket is not the very slim fitted type. It's more boxy, which is the silhouette on trend this season as well. Just look at Lanvin! In addition, the wool material of this jacket will come in handy when I travel in the fall season again. Just play with lots of layering with a splash of loud colour like Cole Mohr did!

This jacket comes in limited quantities. One piece for each size. And only stocked by the Marc By Marc Jacobs Boutique in Ngee Ann City. I have gotten the small, so 2 sizes left on the racks. What's great about the jacket is also the price. I thought it was good value for a tailored jacket by a mid range luxury brand like MJ by MJ, especially after my 15% discount.

3 bags down:-P, and one more Blackjack bag to reveal from last Saturday's shopping spree!

(Oh one more thing, I
got approach by someone from Create Talents again to ask me if I want to model for some of their projects while walking down Orchard Road yesterday. Oh my. Second time I got 'talent spotted'. I am shallow. It does makes me happy. Hahaha!)

Retail price: SGD $799. Where to buy: Marc By Marc Jacobs Boutique at Ngee Ann City

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quijano said...

Lovely jacket! Oh, I can't wait to see the contents of the other shopping bags, haha.

Anyway, did you accept the offer of the talent scout? Give modeling a try! lol.


Kevin said...

Thank you Quijano. More bags to come. Actually 1 more reveal only. I hope no more reveals for many months to come. My credit card is taking some long absence till furhtur notice. hahaha. And No...I did not accept the talent scout's offer. They called me the first time round, but I turn them down. So this time I did not even give them my number. :-P

quijano said...

The talent scout must have freaked you out! LOL.

Anyhoo, you can call me Wax. That's my real nick name. Quijano is just sort of an online code name. Haha. ;)

Kevin said...

Okay Wax! Nice to meet you and get introduced properly!:-P

alfred said...

i love the jacket! too bad i dont have the dough now. :(

Kevin said...

Hi Alfred, thanks. Glad you like the jacket. Dun shop for a while...then you can have the dough for the jacket:-P

alfred said...

haha i have too. remember my email?

Nathan said...

LOVE the jacket Kevin! So perfect for the comming fall bud!

Kevin said...

Hi Alfred, yes, I got the email. ANd hope you put together a great outfit:-P

And thanks Nathan, yes, the jacket is very on trend for the season. Glad you like it.