Thursday, 20 August 2009

My MANy Bags News #112

STYLE: The Men Finally Get It!

Yes, once a supplimentary section in the Singapore's highly popular women's fashion 'bible': STYLE MEN has been launched as an independent magazine for all fashionable Singaporean men to oogle to!
STYLE, Who says the men dun get it?

And the first coverboy from the launch issue features none other than homegrown talent, Chuan Do, who is a model turned fashion photographer. His work is revolutionary, albeit him having a reputation for being quite 'demanding' to work with. :-P

And he's shot wearing those TDF Gucci metallic jeans that I am slowly getting back the urge to own them! Darn!

Get yours today. I bought mine from Kinokuniya this evening and it even comes with a free sampler bottle of Aigner: Man2 fragrance. Way cool! Perfect miniature bottle for smelling fresh while on the move:-P


M.P.C said...

Gosh! BB, you and I were at the same bookstore on the same evening. And we didn't bump into each other – what are the chances of that?!

Although I did buy the magazine to check it out, I must say it's still pretty lean on content for a launch issue. Fingers crossed it'll beef up in the coming months.

When is our next bag get-together? Who else should we invite? :D

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I partly bought this mag becos of the freebie of fragrance. I am sometimes quite cheapo. And the miniature is perfect for travelling. Light and small:-P

Yeah, content is not really fantastic after I had an initial browse thru.

There should be more fashion editorials if this is going to be Singapore's premier fashion mag.

Next get together? Hmmm...sure...can invite BB.

Bagaholicboy said...

I was?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Mervyn must have typed too fast or he is seeing doubles of you:-P Hahahah

Anonymous said...

why would he put himself on the cover? that's so cheap.