Sunday, 4 October 2009

Kevin Goes To Burberry #14

What A Wonderful Experience! Thank You Burberry!

Time flies, I am home since Saturday. It's been 2 weeks since I attended the very memorable Burberry Fashion Show in London. Besides all the celebrity frenzy, the gorgeous Burberry pieces and the adrenalin rush of actually being in a real fashion event by a top luxury brand...I met with my fellow blogger friends and chatted to many other friendly folks at the party.

Jurrdot is one of the bloggers I met at the party. He took a pic of all of us together at the end of the runway show. That was a fun shot. Brieuc, Joe, Bagaholicboy and me all in the same shot, how rare can that kind of occassion be. Well, if not for the wonderful folks at Burberry, this would not have happened. So I will now savour all these sweet memories and one last big thank to everyone and "IT'S A PLEASURE MEETING YOU GUYS!"

Check out Jurrdot's blog for more Burberry event pics:-P

Source: Jurrdot, myMANybags


Anonymous said...

Haha wow dude, you're pro at your photoshop hey? impressive.

Thanks for the shout out. And it was awesome meeting you too. Hopefully we'll run into each other real soon.

brieuc75 said...

it was a great pleasure too. Hope to see you again in paris, london, singapore or...

kenni said...

Love the crew cut of ya hairstyle. Awesome.

M.P.C said...

Can you introduce me to Jurrdot? I think he's a cutie. ;)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yes of course...Jurr if you are reading got compliments!

And Mervyn, just send Jurr an email...or leave a comment on his blog. He will be thrilled:-P

say you are my friend:-P