Sunday, 4 October 2009

My Shopping Conquest #86

Below: Marc Jacobs shopping in London: Mount Street!

Below: From the Marc Jacobs store...a croc embossed long wallet and a resin colour block bangle!

Below: MJ Branding on the big brass zipper pull!

Below: It's all about colours for the leather lining...fuchsia on one side...yellow on the sides...

Below: Maroon colour on the other side...many card slots and a middle zip compartment for coins:-)

Below: Marc Jacobs special items branding debossed on the insides...

Below: Gold and black resin colour block bangle...subtle Marc Jacobs branding:-)

Below: More Marc Jacobs loot at Marc By Marc Jacobs store further down Mount Street...
Key Rings and Coin Purses at bargain prices!

Below: Leopard texture and bronze python skin...with shiny gold keyrings and buttons:-)

Below: Again Marc Jacobs branding on the big gold zipper glamourous:-)

Below: Gold leopard texture, quilted and it!

Below: Bronze python skin coin purse looks equally stunning...

Below: Marc Jacobs special items branding on the black interior...

Marc Jacobs Special Items Shopping Loot!

Marc Jacobs has 2 amazing stores (Marc Jacobs and Marc By Marc Jacobs) in Mount Street London...and both stock the very elusive special items that gets you a real bargain! Of course when I am in the area, I had to make sure I do some 'bargain hunting'. Perhaps not ready to spend on the overpriced main line or even Marc By Marc Jacobs line...the special items are a good alternative pleasure to dig your hands into.

Marc's special items line are inexpensive, so all you need is the discerning eye to sift out real gems at rock bottom prices. The Marc Jacobs store has less selection, but in a higher quality designs. The Marc By Marc Jacobs store has an enormous range but some can be cheap and tacky. The joy of shopping there is to put your taste levels to the test and grab the best looking items at the best prices. It's a challenge but it's fun as well. I love bargain shopping!

For my 'bargain shopping spree', I picked up a Blue Croc Embossed Leather Long Wallet (£50) and a Resin Colour Block Bangle (£6) at Marc Jacobs store. Then 2 sets of key rings (£3 each) and coin purses (£9 each) in both gold quilted leopard and bronze python at the Marc By Marc Jacobs store steps away.

Total spend: £80. What a steal! Makes for great gifts:-P

(PS. the croc embossed leather long wallet comes in a variety of colours from yellow to amber browns to greys and whites. I had a hard time choosing. But settled for the blue as it has an amazing fuchsia and maroon colour interior. There are also bi-folds (£30) and a clutch/folio with removable shoulder chain at £132. Great for guys too if you do without the shoulder chain. As for the coin purses and key rings, they are also available in many colours and textures. But I love the leopard and bronze python. They look more expensive than they really are! So head down to Marc Jacobs, Mount Street if you are in London! My only regret is not getting more. And also those cheap £5 rings like what Bryanboy is wearing (first 2 on the left...dun they look great, I tried the first one..but sadly put it back...darn! You can afford to do impulsive buying in these circumstances:-)

Source: Pic of rings from Bryan boy

Where to buy: Marc Jacobs and Marc By Marc Jacobs Boutique at Mount Street, London


M.P.C said...

Loving the python and leopard print goodies. Good eye for the spectacular stuff amongst the "cheap". Congrats!

Unknown said...

me love the colour block bangle.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thanks Mervyn! Next stop London for you?:-P

Ttttttttttttt said...

Love the wallet and the keyholder. At this price it's more than a good deal!! I'll go straight to the website and when i'll be in paris i'll drop by. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Love the colors on the croc embossed wallet. Love your photos even more!

Bagaholicboy said...

Nice haul Kevin!

Last Style of Defense said...

wow! what a collection kevin and for only 80 pounds?! incredible : )

Hector Valdivia said...

Lo adoro! Dios mio!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow they are cheap and The quality looks good!

Mount Street... any idea if its near Oxford or this is at the outlet at London (la ville or something)? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to ask if we can walk over on foot.

Btw, i was told the crime rate is high at Oxford area..... is this really true? do u guys split yr $ and hide them away too?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Anonymous, as does travelling to any where in the world, you have to always be careful and aware in a new area:-) Street smarts is essential. And Oxford is okay. You dun have to take drastic measures for the money issue. Just always keep wallet close to u:-P and oxford street should be safe enough, at least better than in PAris Gare Du Nord train station.

ANd you can walk to mount street from Oxford. About 10 mins or less.

Use a map! good luck:-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin

Oh..10mins. I am bad at maps. I cannot figure out how far or near a place is when i refer to map. But i am good at memorizing routes. Just cant wait to go on my first trip to London and Europe.

Just hope whatever restaurants or place i buy my foods from are delicious. hehe