Sunday, 4 October 2009

My MANy Travel Inspirations: Mount Street, London...

Below: Mount Street's very charming brick buildings. This is shopping heaven shielded away from the mad crowds in nearby Oxford and New Bond Street...

Below: Here you find an assortment of shops...from high end brands like Lanvin (as seen below) to butchers, cafes and tailors. There is somewhat a village atmosphere, like a self sustained community
of its own:-)

Below: Even if you are not buying anything, a stroll down this charming street is pure
joy and relaxation:-)

Below: The high end brands somehow acquired a specialty store appearance in this street, less commercial and more exclusive. You be amazed at the store interiors which is
another attraction of its own

Below: A beautiful morning perfect for some shopping and need to fight with
hordes of crowds

Below: Mount Street's latest french expatriate...Goyard:-) Yes, finally I have been to an actual Goyard store!

Below: Drool worthy trunks and luggages on display...
love the signature yellow colour of Goyard on the trunks

Below: Of course I cannot leave empty handed after being inside this elegant shop...

Mount Street, London...

If you are ever in London, Mount Street is a quintessential stop for all shopping fans. Not only is it away from the crazy crowds of Oxford and New Bond Street, the odd mix of shops and the refined architecture in that area is already an attraction of its own. The buildings housed in Mount Street are of a beautiful English architecture, most recognisable with brick lined facades, which adds a lot of charm to enjoy a relaxing stroll, be it window shopping or people watching.

The luxury brand stores here take on a less commercial feeling, almost like specialty stores which feels more creative and exclusive. I love the feeling of basking in the refined aura of the area. I can imagine sitting by the sidewalk cafes drinking tea after a satisfying shopping spree in the shops around.

Very exclusive brands choose to house their brands here. Lanvin, Christian Louboutin, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga and its most recent resident, Goyard! There are also butchers, restaurants, cafes and tailors thrown in the mix. Somewhat an odd juxaposition of luxury and the feels like a village of its own, but a luxurious one of course:-)

I made Mount Street my first stop on my last day in London (28 Sep 2009) and I did not regret any bit of my decision. Weather was cooling, atmosphere was relaxing and of course shopping conquests satisfying:-P Goyard and Marc Jacobs shopping expedition was a success! Mount Street is now one of my favourite shopping spots of the world.

All pics taken my myMANybags


Anonymous said...

Hi..great coverage on your MJ loots. I'll be heading for London but how do you find Mount Street via the Tube? Cheers Kenny

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing these. now i know how the street looks like. have read about it on the purse forum during my bag-hunting phase. can't wait to see what you scored from goyard.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Kenny, the nearest tube station in London near mount street is Bond Street station. Do consult a map as it is not too near the station and you cannot see it unless you head towards the same direction. Walk towards Davis Street in the direction of South Moulton Street, where you can find Browns stores:-) Once you hit Davis street, follow it all the way down and you should hit Mount street. Consult a map is the best. Buy Lonely Planet's London Encounter's small and handy, lightweight and full of info. with an amazing map included. I used these guides for london and paris and it took me anywhere I want to go!:-) Have fun in London. It's amazing!

ANd Tom, you must visit Mount street next time you are in London:-) WOnderful experience even having a stroll.