Friday, 15 January 2010

Gender Bender #57

Alexander Wang Ines Oxford Leather Shoes

At first glance, I thought these were men's shoes. On second glance, I realised they were women's cos I notice the source site for the pics was Net-a-porter. These Alexander Wang Ines Oxfords look so androgynous that I have confidence any guy can pull them off, make a cool statement and yet not being mocked!!! :-P

The simple 'laceless' design, clean lines and black leather reveals no signs of femininity. Dress up or down, they seem to work in any occasion. But unlike any regular bloke's leather shoes, the heels are of such interesting sculptural design that gives the shoes an immediate boost to literally 'feet' art status! Ultra cool and indifferent, I expect lots of envious peers asking you where you got the shoes from.

Now the bad news, these women's Oxfords come in very small sizes. Size 40 is the largest and few guys can squeeze into that. Even if your feet is a men's 40, I highly doubt it will be the same as a women's size 40. I assume it will still be a tight fit.
Are there any shoe experts out there that can enlighten me whether if men's size 40 is similar or are they different to women's size 40?

Such a shoe candy to ogle over and yet not being able to fit... it's like dangling a carrot in front of a rabbit... the kind of 'helpless lust':-P

(BTW, all the online sites that I can track this shoe sold out for size 40 of this black leather pair...)

Source: Net-a-porter

Retail price: £344.26 (without VAT). Where to buy: Net-a-porter


Eric said...

Ugh. Want.

Lauious said...

Hi, this is Lauious,nice to meet you.

I just love this shoes so much and wondering if i can find it in hongkong.
The most important thing is...
I am size 39! so i wish i can suit it in,hahahaa

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Laucious,

nice to meet you too! Good luck on the search...getting it from the stores will be better as you can try and determine if it fits!

Let us know if the shoes will fit you:-)

I love the shoe too!

Mothpre said...


Looking the first pic I also thought it was a male shoe too, but a little high heel for my taste. but the design its great. good leather and a clean and serious shape.

since I can use my mom heels I think the size will fit hehehe, just kidding, but I've share some sneakers so i think the size would be the same for male and female.

tedore said...

I got an eye for this shoes already from the F/W 2009/2010 collection by mr Wang...and was/and i guess will be on my wish list...the problem are small sizes...there are no 41!

londonprettyboy said...

YES, i just got my pair today.

Size 40 is the same, be it female/male size.

It cost GBP 395 if you buy it from UK sites,but only USD 395 from online store in US.

Since when GBP 395 = USD 395?
Don't get ribbed off,buy from the states!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Ooooh...congrats! Show me pics of you wearing them:-) And, how long are the shoes?

It's a good choice!