Friday, 14 January 2011

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #190

Below: Fabulous Lanvin Spring Summer 2011 Ad Campaign! 'Glamourzons' wrestling each other in gorgeous Lanvin! ("Get out of that Lanvin dress... It's mine", says one girl to the other)

(Click on each pic to enlarge for better view)

Lanvin Spring Summer 2011 Womenswear Ad Campaign

Is that a girly brawl going on in this almost 'Studio 54 + Art Deco' inspired Ad Campaign for Lanvin's Spring Summer 2011 collection? Oh yes, if cat fights (perhaps the reason why leopard prints are the rage!) are to take place, dear glamourzons, please do it with style and clad in Lanvin! How interesting to create such a captivating imagery while having a playful sense of humour. We all know we have that sadist side in all of us and we love girls wrestling each other any day!

Love the vintage colour wash to the campaign, transport us back to the era where fashion rules, where brashness and style goes hand in hand.

Okay, the above is my humble interpretation:-P

Here's the true inspiration straight from the desk of Alber Elbaz:

A merging of the real and the fantastical, the decadence of wealth, Couture brought into to real world, dreams of the perfect body, effortlessness and timelessness.

Those gorgeous Lanvin pieces that's worth a fight for, can be found at Club 21's Lanvin Boutique at Hilton Hotel Singapore.

Source: Lanvin via Club 21 Global


Nico said...

i thought it was 'glamazon'? rolls off the tongue smoother. well, to each his own huh?

Shane B said...

I like your interpretation!

M.E. said...

love it :)