Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Runway Sniper #72

Below: An ode to the Coca Cola drinking and Mickey Mouse Cartoon watching generation... D&G Fall Winter 2011 Menswear is a fun and upbeat collection!

Below: Love the colours and those familiar iconography... kitsch but nostalgic as well! Drop crotch but skinny leg pants in a huge array of colours seem to be favoured by Dolce & Gabbana next Fall...

Below: I love my Coca Cola and Mickey Mouse anyday!

Below: Soft drinks and pop culture amalgamated so well together for the collection!

Below: Coffee, tea or Coca Cola me?!?!

Below: Mickey Mouse prints inverted on the oversized sweater... a touch of street vibe?

Below: Even the shoes are imbued with eye poping colours...

D&G Fall Winter 2011 Menswear

D&G looks to the 'Coca Cola' drinking and 'Mickey Mouse' cartoon watching generation for inspiration this coming Fall Winter 2011. American youth culture has invaded the Italian fashion house and it's a riot of candy coloured energy bursting on the runway. I love it!

Upbeat and highly wearable, I almost see myself in every look. Especially love the kitsch but nostalgia-inducing 'Coca Cola' slogan pullovers, or those Mickey Mouse decorated nylon down jackets in blinding hues! These iconography will resonate so well and elicit a smile to those who live through this era. The fitted silhouettes, teamed with a new D&G proposal of drop crotch but skin tight leg (or simply Skinny Carrot Pants) trousers in candy jar colours are very welcoming. What a breath of fresh air from the sombre tones we have always been presented with during winter seasons.

With a collection this fun, I know I will be 'endorsing' myself to D&G for next Fall Winter, just as the brand has itself to Coca Cola and Mickey!

Source: Dolce & Gabbana

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