Monday, 23 May 2011

My MANy Bags News #325

Below: 'Hermés x VANS' sneakers anyone?

'Hermés x Vans Sneakers' Anyone?

Will you ever believe me if I told you the world's most luxurious designer brand, Hermés has collaborated with high street shoe label, VANS? Can you imagine this marriage of 'high-low' even in this modern (and democratic) day of fashion?

Well dream on if your answer is yes. Hermés will probably frown upon the first mention of such an idea. But with a bit of creativity and ingenuity... this union of 'luxury with high street' can truly happen!

Below: So the question begs... do Hermés fans approve of this 'union' of high street and ultra luxurious?

Celebrity stylist Robert Verdi is such a 'matchmaker'. Since he cannot get his favourite luxury brand to collaborate with his favourite high street shoe brand... he took things into his own hands. He asked VANS to make customised sneakers for him out of his vintage Hermés scarves! Brilliant! And surprise surprise... I must admit, I really love the end result:-) Those gorgeous printed Hermés scarves with their whimsical designs brings a high sense of style when translated onto those familiar high street shoes. They are one of a kind. They definitely have lots of personality. Most importantly, they are the result of some good creative thinking! Have you ever thought of making shoes out of Hermés scarves? Inspiring... now I want my customised Hermés x Vans shoes too. What about you?

Below: For me... I love it! It's one of a kind and it takes some creativity to make this union happen! Love the beautiful prints of the scarves on the shoes:-P

Source: Creative Boys Club


Stephen said...

hi kevin nice post. i was wondering where I might be able to get these fab shoes

lawmathew said...

how can we get the same result? I love the navy blue and gold.

Joven said...

Love these shoes! Where we can buy one?

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

These are customised shoes that Robert Verdi requested Vans to make for him, using his vintage Hermès scarves. So unless you know someone from Vans who can make a pair for you... this is not for sale anywhere:-) Unfortunately. I would love to own one...I'd go buy a scarf and let them cut it all up! Hehe.

Unknown said...

I'd very much like to know what Hermes' response was to these. Surely without their permission and freedom from copyright, these shoes are counterfeit models? If someone were to pass Vans a Chanel scarf adorned with CCs, I'm sure the situation would be very different! Thank god Hermes haven't committed the cordinal sin and hit diffusion brand status; it was bad enough with Jimmy Choo. I can see it now... next season's H&M shoes with Kelly clasps and faux exotic skins. Not really my cup of tea!

thehighstreethobo said...

Nice Job Mr verdi, i've long loved him from his fashion police days on E! he was so much fun

Pana said...

unfortunately I do not know anyone from Vans...yet :D

Like them pretty much!

AdaManila said...

OMG I love them all!!