Friday, 24 June 2011

The Runway Sniper #77

Below: Balmain Homme Spring Summer 2012... evolution rather than revolution. But there are some elements from that collection that at least evolved, no matter how marginally... such as the use of Python skin... which forms this beautiful biker vest. LOVE:-P

Below: More python skin used... on trimmings for hoodies...
Below: This collection by new creative director, Olivier Rousteing sheds away some of that 'Decarnin uncouthness' and brings in more refined aethetics, in the form of many tailored tuxedo looks... The usual skinny and tight silhouettes are also challenged and now we see skinny tuxedos matched with drop crotch tailored pants over boots...
Below: Immaculate tailoring... and some extent of innovation, such as this cut off sleeves Tuxedo jacket vest... I like it!
Below: This feels a bit Rick Owens...
Below: For ultimate luxury, a crocodile skin leather Tuxedo jacket which will definitely find Kayne West a fan...
Below: Hoodie and trainers... Dior Homme feeling to this look...
Balmain Homme Spring Summer 2011

Rather than analysing why Olivier Rousteing's 1st Balmain Homme collection (Spring Summer 2012) played so safe to what Christophe Decarnin has done... I will comment on pieces which I like and some which I feel have evolved, no matter how marginally.

The use of snakeskin is one new material that Olivier Rousteing has injected to his first reign over Balmain Homme. I love that Biker Vest in matte Python which is quite an unusual material for this men's design. Other visible deviation from the 'Decarnin' flavour includes the reinforcing of Balmain's severe skinny tailoring for their sartorial pieces. Tuxedo jackets reworked to become vests, cropped shorter or paired with drop crotch matching pants over boots, send off a totally different rock chic sensibility. Balmain boys no longer need to keep to the usual super tight silhouettes. Think a cross between Rick Owens and Dior Homme.

In keeping with Balmain's unending pursuit of ultimate luxury, Olivier Rousteing presents a beautiful crocodile leather tuxedo jacket that leaves the common man only to admire from a far distance. The presumably exorbitantly priced tuxedo leather jacket may only find Kanye West as its owner since he may be the only fan who can afford this. All in all, this collection casts away some of that 'uncouth' Balmain look (highly frayed and destroyed pieces which we both love and hate) and reinvigorates with a more polished and sophisticated aesthetics.

As for my favourite pieces... I think I am going to snap up more of their TDF biker jeans, this time in lemon sorbet yellow or salmon pink. The jeans get more skinny this time too, which I find very welcoming:-)

Below: I love those pastel coloured Skinny Biker jeans! My favourite look for the collection:-)
Innovation this collection may not be, but highly wearable and $ coercing it will be.

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