Sunday, 5 January 2014

Céline Spring 2014 Twisted Handbag And Phantom Cabas

Below: New Céline totes for Spring 2014... I love the new Twisted Handbag which features an interesting knotted handle, simple but ingenious...
New Totes for Spring 2014: Céline Twisted Handbag And Phantom Cabas

I have always been a fan of Céline totes. The simplicity in design speaks volumes of taste and the notion of less is more. Each piece is timeless and modern and best of all, gender neutral  with the right size and design.

For Spring 2014, I am happy to find out there are new designs to join the Céline tote family. I can’t wait to check out the new Twisted Handbag... a modern and minimalist design with clever knotted handle ends. Such a simple thought but makes for a clever way to incorporate the handles.

And for fans of Phantom Cabas... this new season sees a drawstring style of straps rather than the straps hanging from the sides. I love this new version which is less cumbersome and aesthetically pleasing. The linen and leather bi-material piece has got to be my top choice!

 Below: The new Phantom Cabas spots a drawstring strap that extends from the middle instead of the sides. I love the new placement:-)
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Unknown said...

I love Celine's bag I really do. And everytime I am on market for a new bag, I always found myself not committing on get one. Crazy right?