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Loewe Revamps With New Brand Identity Under Jonathan Anderson

Below: Under their new creative director, Jonathan Anderson, Spanish Luxury Label Loewe revamps their identity and packaging to reflect the heritage and future, ushering in an exciting new phrase for the brand... Are you loving the more contemporary take on the classic Loewe brand identity we have come to love? Share your thoughts...
Loewe Revamps With New Brand Identity Under Creative Director Jonathan Anderson

Under the new creative direction of Jonathan Anderson, Loewe gets a revamp new brand identity complete with refreshed packagings to usher in exciting change for the Spanish luxury brand.

"I wanted to reduce the logo and just clean it off. It was just a redrafting really - we wanted to keep it similar but make a subtle shift for the next phase. I already loved the 'O' in the Loewe; it really draws you in. We worked with M/M Paris - who I think are geniuses - for the typography and design. This is the first step in a global plan, just making changes where relevant to the brand."

Michael Amzalag and Mathias Augustyniak, the art and design duo of M/M (Paris), have created the new graphic identity for the brand injected with modernity and cultural awareness. Logotype is inspired by German-born British typographer Berthold Wolpe, hinting at the German roots of Enrique Loewe Roessberg, who established the house by giving his name to a cooperative of leather craftsmen from Madrid. The famous Anagram, originally designed in 1970 by Spanish painter Vicente Vela, has been pared down to unearth its factual origin as a branding iron used to mark cattle and leather. Packagings have also been redesigned as volumes reminiscent of library tomes, in the new smokey-white Humo color.

Further cornerstones of the redefined new phase of the 168-year-old Spanish house will be the menswear presentation in Paris at the end of June 2014, a new advertising campaign featuring works by Steven Meisel, as well as art-driven store concepts in key cities.

All this—and more—belongs to the new, all-encompassing world of LOEWE.

Are you ready for the new Loewe? I can’t wait to see what Jonathan Anderson brings to the  brand.

Source: Loewe

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