Sunday, 27 January 2008

My Bag Collection #02 (FOR SALE)

Gucci Python Skin Large Tote (FOR SALE: Email me to enquire)

While on holiday in Germany (Berlin and Frankfurt) this past Dec (2007), I got this exotic stunning beauty from Gucci at an irresistable price (50% discount)! Although this was 2 seasons later that I snag this bag...but a beauty is timeless. I almost lost faith in Frankfurt retail scene or even Germany's retail scene until I found this bag. Imagine my exhilaration when I see this bag resting proudly on the shelf(okay okay..maybe I am the only 'stupid' person who sees this bag sitting lonely on the dusty shelf). hahaha. I had fallen in love with this bag when it was first released. But I will never spurlge SGD$6000 for a bag, so my hopes of owning this bag was cast aside due to 'financial' reasons. I was so happy to find this baby at a price within my range.

Real python skin and a huge piece of it..for that matter.:-P Finally, I can proclaim I own an exotic skin bag. Comes with customised silver hardware, braided leather handles and a removable shoulder strap. One drawback is this bag is heavy. and python skin isn't exactly easy to care and maintain. so have to be careful when using this bag. Not taking this bag out on a rainy day for sure!

Retail price: Euro $2990. Where to buy: Gucci Frankfurt


Antoine said...

Hello, I'd love to get that bag in any leather ! Is it soft in Python ? Is yous "cannelle" aka "cinamon" color ? Do you often take it out ? Not too fragile ?

Kevin said...

Oh, this bag is a marvelous bag:-) Very chic. And the skin is soft. So the whole bag is slouchy in look. You have to prep it up so it does not fall flat. The colour is caramel. Very beautiful! I love this bag. Very luxurious.

I carry this bag once in a while when the weather is good weather, dun want it to get caught in the rain. Surprisingly, the skin is not as fragile as I thought. I was worried about that too.

One drawback though, the hardware and the snake skin is heavy. So prepare to flex a bit of muscles to use the bag:-)

Antoine said...

Hello Kevin, any idea where I can find that bag in any style ? Regards

Kevin said...

Hi Antoine,

I am not sure where you can get the bag now since it is a past season item. Spring summer 2007. I chanced upon it last christmas time in the Gucci store in Frankfurt. And it was 50% off. So that was a lucky find for me. So maybe you can source around the gucci stores and ask. If not, online is your best bet, ebay perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin

This bag is gorgeous! Good that you are able to find it at a good price.