Friday, 7 March 2008

My Shoe Collection #14

Gucci Brown Leather Thong Sandals

This ranks top on my favourites of my shoe collection. I have worn these comfortable sandals so many times as not only does it fit a lot of looks (especially short shorts and my python Gucci bag!), it is practical for singapore's hot weather. Strutting down orchard road with these sandals also gives off the holiday vibe, like I am vacationing in St. Tropez:-P (My dream holiday destination!)

The design of the sandal is simple and yet classy. Several thin leather straps are held together by a burnished metal ring with a leather and wood sole. A toe ring allows your toe to slip in, and a buckled heel strap holds the sandals comfortably in place. Reminds me of ancient 'roman' footwear design yet it is contemporary and relevant now. Usage of thin leather straps makes the sandals look light and sophisticated. Having worn these for a while now, I begin to fear I will expend the lifespan of this sandal soon. Last weekend's wet weather had it all soaked and the sole went soft...I had to run home to dry it immediately to avoid breaking the sole in two. Yikes, what a close call.

Now I will be taking good care of this pair of sandals so I get to enjoy it for a long long while.:-) Frida Gianini did an amazing job for her first Gucci menswear collection. It was my favourite mens collection so far. There are just too many things that I 'lust' and also own from this collection.:-P

Retail price: SGD $710. Where to buy: Gucci Boutique at Paragon


JJ said...

I found your site and had to stop and drool. I've now been all the way through it, and oh lovely...

I found your blog because I was trying to find a picture of a Gucci bag (brown suede, saddle bag shaped) which I saw in Siam Paragon today (Bangkok). I couldn't find it on your blog, but OMG I have to have that orange suede Philip Lim bag.

The Gucci was for my husband, but when he heard it was suede, he worried it might be a step too far from his comfort zone! I don't think so.

Anyway, I'm linking your blog to my blog because being the bag slut I am, I WILL BE BACK.


bagcraze said...

love gladiator sandals... i've seen some men already wearing them and it looks great!

Kevin said...

Hi JJ, I think I sought of know which gucci bag you are talking about. If you check my blog, there is a python skin gucci bag that I have...are you referring to this design but in brown suede? I have seen that before, it was in the stores here in Singapore and a while ago, on sale on check and look for the fashion runway pictures. They have pics there!

happy hunting and glad you like my blog!


Kevin said...

Hi Bagcraze, gladiator sandals is all the rage this season.:-) it started with the womens...and now men is picking up the trend. so many sandals that is in this style this spring season and a lot bound at the ankle:-) I love it! am eyeing on a pair of CK Calvin Klein white ones now. might get it tommorrow. Will post pics if I do! and I love your new posts on the bags! How did you find such clear pics for your blog, keep up the good work!

bagcraze said...

hey kevin, i/m mostly looking for the pics on the designer's site and shopping online site LOL

tw couple of days ago i saw a man wearng a below the knee gladiator sandal :p
definetly not for every men, but he carried it well

beau said...

i cant wait to break out these gucci sandals again this summer!!!!

i love mine

Kevin and myMANybags said...

these are my fav sandals!