Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Gender Bender #20

Louis Vuitton Illusion Glitter Sunglasses

I was shopping with my fren in Louis Vuitton Ngee Ann City on Saturday when I spotted this pair of sunglasses. My friend was hunitng for a pair of sandals and as an avid fan of Louis Vuitton, he had his heart set on LV even when I tried to convince him to try other brands. So while he was contemplating the decision, I walked around the shop and found this pair of sunglasses. What attracted me to the sunglasses was the nice big oval shape and the glitter effect on the acetate frame. I was also surprised by the monogrammed photochromic lenses which I have never seen before on other brands of sunglasses. Most importantly, the shape of the lens frames my face perfectly and I do look cool in it!:-P

I asked the SAs if these are for men and they said it is while reinforcing to me that this design is also their best seller. Apparently, you cannot take the SAs word for it 100%, sometimes they dun know the product as well as I do. :-P These sunglasses as confirmed by my suspicions(Glitter on the acetate! Big lens!) and my research on good old internet:-), are made for the fairer gender. Nevertheless, nothing wrong with wearing women's sunglasses, they all look similar. Plus, my beliefs are if you can wear it, then it is for you, regardless of gender.

Comes in 2 colours, Dark Honey(my preference) and Light Honey(Grayish and more masculine).

(On a last note, Louis Vuitton sunglasses are limited in quantities and sold very exclusively in the LV boutiques. Till now, I have not seen them sold anywhere in other optical shops. So you can be rest assured there will not be hordes of people wearing the same design as you, which I like, since the sunglasses aren't exactly cheap. Hence, this is also one of the reasons for liking Louis Vuitton sunglasses.)

Retail price: SGD $880. Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Boutique at Ngee Ann City


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I saw these somewhere and googled them which led me to this blog entry about them and I ran off to buy them immediately! LOL they're awesome! Thanks =)

Kevin said...

Congrats on this new pair of sunglasses! They look absolutely fabulous!:-)

Enjoy the purchase.:-)

BTW, are you a guy or gal? Just wanna know if the gender bender posts are of any help?:-P and where are you from? Welcome to my blog!


charmbuster said...

Hi Kevin, it's charmbuster and yes I'm a guy. I ended up buying the honey colored ones and the grey ones. I'm so glad i found your blog. It's everything I dreamed of - gender bending or what not, our styles are SO similar it's not even funny... =p
if you'd like you can contact me at charmbuster@aol.com - i'll share my collection if you'd like. I'm also charmbuster at TPF =)

Kevin said...

Hi Charmbuster, thanks for your msg. Nice to know there is a like minded fan of luxury goods who appreciates good style:-)

Hahaha...Similar style? Sure, you can always show me your collection. I will drop you an email soon.

have a great day! Thanks for the support!