Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The Material Boy #84

Jil Sander Leather Rucksack

Backpacks or rucksack seems to a trend this spring summer season. I wonder how long this trend will last. Nevertheless, a backpack or rucksack offers a very functional hands-free option of carrying your belongings. Although I am not in favour of backpacks for myself, since I dun see the school college look suitable for me, but the backpack designs this season has me drooling at times. Just like this Jil Sander Leather Rucksack in nice steel grey colour. Made of soft supple kidd leather, the clean, uncluttered design with simple chrome buckle front pocket makes it both professional looking and yet versatile backpack for weekends. I love the subtle branding as well, which exudes understated sophistication. Definitely a good investment if you are looking for a backpack.

Retail price: UK 699 pounds. Where to buy:


shoe-holic said...

OOOOohh this is to die for. I was really hoping that C21Men would bring this in when i first saw it online at the Jil Sander website.

Gosh it's got a hefty price tag too. hmmm purchase it online???? *pondering*

Kevin said...

hahaha. I know you will like it:-P

It's pricey for a backpack. It's full leather. Dun buy it now if you can wait. Wait for a while longer and it will be sale time.:-) then get it during sale will feel you got a great deal!:-)

00o00 said...

i still think that men after leaving secondary schools should not be seen carrying backpacks hehe

for that price, a lot more choices too...

Kevin said...

I know I am not a backpack man. Too slim and tall..the backpack look like my misproportioned 'Ninja' Turtle shell.:-P