Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The Material Boy #100

Pierre Hardy Limited Edition Multi Coloured Metallic High Tops

Wow! Yes, it is the big 100th post for 'The Material Boy'...woohoo. Time to pop some champagne to celebrate the 100 things that I 'lust' and the 'material' world of inane and unncessary wants in life:-P (I stole the quote from fellow blogger, Joseph. hahaha!)

What better ways to celebrate besides champagne (Dom Pérignon anyone?) than owning a limited edition merchandise that has 'lust' written all over it! Introducing the ultra cool, Pierre Hardy Limited Edition Multi Coloured Metallic Hi-tops! I thought metallic colours are in remission this spring summer season and coming fall winter, but it seems when done right, it is still one of the most ravishing trends that is here to stay.

I was not a fan of the multi coloured sneakers Pierre Hardy did for last season. It's too candy coloured and I feel I look like a clown. But with this update, in cool metallic blues, silvers and reds, it is space age chic for your pair of feet. A classic design, signature of Pierre Hardy sneakers, but this new incarnation looked very exciting in this fresh colour scheme. Wonder if Club 21 will stock this shoe. Better go check it out soon.:-P

Meanwhile, here's to another 100 more posts!

Update: Club 21 Mens stocks this pair of shoe. I tried it on..but decided against buying it as I dun see it as my style. Maybe too many colours is just not me. I prefer sophisticated looks. This is more funky and fun:-). Retails for SGD $819. Grab yours soon if you like this pair of shoe!

Source: Top 2 pics from www.barneys.com. Bottom 2 pics are from www.bryanboy.com

Retail price: US $485. Where to buy: www.barneys.com


DesignBox said...

Congrats to the 100th post! Truste me you will reach 200 very soon ;P


Kevin said...

Thank you Paolo!:-) It's amazing, my blog started not too long ago and I covered 100 things I want to buy in a single season! Oh wow!

00o00 said...

100 posts!
the shoes are nice, but i find it chunky though. for that price, i would buy the metallic lanvin oxfords? think you blogged abt it, the one with bronz toe caps.

am going for grown up look now haha

Anonymous said...

aren't they just so cool? i agree, these look much better than the previous ones.

congrats on your 100th post. keep on blogging!

Kevin said...

Hi Joseph, those are cool shoes. It's more of a street look. The lanvin ones are very classy. You should get them when they are marked down. It's beautiful. Grown up look eh? Hence all the Hermes and Vuitton classics:-P

Kevin said...

I agree Deluxe Duck, these pierre hardy shoes are way better looking than its predecessor. Those are too colourful. But these are just space age chic or maybe 70's disco? hahahah. But definitely cool. I will check if Club 21 has it to better judge for myself.

Kevin said...

Thank you guys! Yes, many more 100 posts to come! you bet! Thanks for all your support!

shoe-holic said...

Congrats on your 100th post.

kelvinclein said...

Kev.. never fail to visit your blog everyday and see what is new.. haha Congrates on your 100th post. Would hope you have time to keep blogging! :)

Ash said...

Get them. I got mine last week. So fabulous!

Kevin said...

checking it out today at Club 21:-)

congrats on your purchase!