Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Material Boy #102

Gucci Monogram Fabric Duffle With Brown Leather Trim

Monograms are usually tacky in my books. I only like monogram bags when there are some detailing or design that makes them unique and not looking like cheap knock offs. This season, Gucci gave their monogram fabric a washed look and also a new colour, a rich brown colour reminiscent of military uniforms and hence giving it a very masculine appeal. I love the colour! And hence, I really do not mind owning this roomy duffle bag. With a balloon and rounded shape, this slouchy fabric bag actually looks better when it is not fully filled up. I also like the braided shoulder straps which adds a touch of intricate, textured detail to the otherwise plain bag. The 2 front zipper pockets is very functional and gives the user easy access to commonly used items such as wallets or keys. When decorated with the right Gucci bag charms, this bag is even more gorgeous and is infused with a different personality!

This is one bag I have been eyeing on and will keep a lookout when it arrives in the stores!

Retail price: US $1995. Where to buy:

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