Saturday, 9 August 2008

Gender Bender #27

Stella McCartney/Le Sportsac Nylon Weekend Tote

It's been a while since I can find a bag to post for the Gender Bender category. I was pretty excited when I saw this bag available on I remembered I have seen this range of bags being blogged about on bagaholicboy's blog. But the pics he posted were for smaller and more lady-like bags.

This weekend tote however looks huge and masculine with less defined curvy edges and a utility, military inspired design. I am absolutely on the looks of this huge nylon tote! Being a Le Sportsac bag, I presume this bag is lightweight and durable, perfect for daily use or even travelling. Durable enough to withstand the rigours of air travel and multiple airport checks, it is also easy to match with many outfits due to the beautiful neutral taupe colour. Brass studs, gold zippers and brown leather trimmings (Faux leather I think, since it is part Stella McCartney) also adds good colour contrast to the bag.

However, one setback, the price is pretty expensive for a nylon and Le Sportsac bag. Perhaps Stella McCartney's name is branded on this bag and it is afterall a limited edition range, hence the price tag becomes 'big' as well.

(On a second look, this tote somehow resembles Tod's nylon bags:-P)

Retail price: Euro $433. Where to buy:

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