Thursday, 21 August 2008

Hedi Slimane, I Love Your Photography!

Vogue Hommes Japan Cover By Hedi Slimane

Not only is Hedi Slimane talented in the field of fashion design, his high taste and aesthetics even go beyond fashion and into photography. WOW...I love his black and white shots. There is always something mesmerising about the way he expresses what he sees behind the lens. Take a look at this teaser cover for Vogue Homme Japan....amazing photography. And the styling is just as great. The model is the 'waif' type of guys that seem to fascinate Hedi. He looks a bit like Cole Mohr. BTW, the model is Ash Stymest.

Wanna get my hands on this issue. Kinokuniya...please stock this!

Source: JeAN


DesignBox said...

Hej Kev!

That cover is simple and great and almost a tribute to the japan and the love it has for Europe ;P

Hedi has made some great covers and collabs with many mags. My favourite is the work that he did for Wallpaper some issues ago.

Kevin said...

Yes, I agree...the styling is very appropriate. Nice asian touches and yet with the black and white photography...looks so high fashion and modern:-)

Hedi is very talented in photography. He could work as a fashion photographer if he choose not to design.