Sunday, 3 August 2008

The Material Boy #132

D&G Menswear Fall Winter 2008/2009

Okies, enough of my 'whining' about my Gucci bag. Time to think ahead and plan for the looks I am going to try to achieve for next season. Starting with some stunning cool ones from D&G, one of the brands that I like most for this new winter season. I am having a hard time finding things and looks I want from other designers. We shall see. But D&G seems to come up with things that I can see myself wearing and it will suit me.

Apparently, D&G Singapore is trying to get a fashion show going. Dunno if that will happen. But I sincerely hope so. The last presentation a few years back was full of high energy and so glamorous that it totally reinforce what a fashion show should be about.

So if I am invited for the show (if it happens)...these could be the looks I can show up in. Of course, subject to availability in stock and pricing for these pieces.

1) My top choice (Pic 1)

A wool and leather trim jacket, vintage wash tee and cool skinny grey jeans. Absolutely easy to pull off. I love the big buttons on the jacket. And it is in a sweater/cardigan style except for the leather collar. Interesting. And the vintage-wash tee will proclaim my support for the 2 designers behind the collection:-P and show off easily that this is D&G:-) hahaha. Grey low-rise skinny jeans is perfect match for the more chunky tops. Pair with that cool pair of sunglasses, I think I will be look perfect for a fashion event:-)

Oh the model inspires me to cut my hair like that next time.:-)

2) 2nd choice (Pic 2)

Beautiful woolen pullover, in deep rich browns. Notice the colour is not even. Nice wooly effect too. I think it comes with a hood as there are 2 draw strings attached.:-) cool! The scarf is a great touch to add to the look. Pair with distressed wash jeans...absolutely manly rugged style. The belt seems to be in croc skin, with multiple metal strips near the buckle. Adds interesting texture to the look.

3) Partial choice 1 (Pic 3)

Not liking the full ensemble. But I like the leather jacket with the elastic stretchy cuff. The slim fit makes the model look sharp and suave. The flap pockets is also an interesting touch. Have to try in person to determine.

4) Partial choice 2 (Pic 4)

Boots! Boots! Boots! And it's a tall boots! With Dsquared2 absent from the retail scene in Singapore this season, I am looking for alternatives to the tall boots from D2. So this seems like a good replacement. Diagonal laces placement is interesting. Again, must try to see how it fits. Tuck my skinny jeans into the boots...oh I am ready to kick some ass.:-P

5) One of the best shoes for fall winter 2008/2009 (Pic 5)

Of course, as I have blogged before, the wool plaid high cut shoes with buckle details from D&G is a must have. So pretty. Must buy, must buy! Have bigger pics you can see the details.:-)

What do you guys think? Which pieces do you like best? Or none?:-P

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shoe-holic said...

Fitted plaid shirt in Pic 4 is to die for.

This will pair nicely with jeans and my new prada green loafer. Ha Ha.

The high cut sneakers are nice, but i'm gonna pass. High cut sneakers not really my thing.

Kevin said...

I love the looks! It's easy and very wearbale. Plaid is in for this season and will come back from time to time.

AHah...when will you give the green loafers a spin? Dun let the open toe shoe incident happen again, okay?:-P

shoe-holic said...

darn.... i still haven't broken into those damn open-toe shoes yet. have you? hahhaha

Kevin said...

OOps, same here. And we are already thinking of new shoes. We are suffering from over shopping. hahaha.

I will be wearing them soon. Bought a nice tee from D&G on Sat. College, varsity look. So that will match the sporty prada shoe:-)

Jens said...

Kevin, you have opened my eyes for D&G. It all looks good, maybe particularly the #1 pic and the boots.. (I want those boots..)

00o00 said...

i like look 2 and 3
i think they make very sexy leather jackets

Kevin said...

Hi Jens,

yes D&G clothing is getting better these days. There is a slightly different direction they are taking now as compared to a few years ago. Dolce Gabbana the main line is going super luxe. And D&G is going from just a brother brand to a luxe brand. That is what the SA told me. So now you get to see less trashy stuff for D&G. Lesser huge logos that is very tacky. They are trying not to just print the brand but incorporate into the design, such as embroidery etc. The designs are more sophisticated and refined. The shirts are so well cut now. It is amazingly fitting. And the quality is also commendable.

And yes, I love all the looks!:-P The leather jackets is really sexy!