Thursday, 11 September 2008

Marc LVoes Skirts!

'Skirts' Up...Here Comes Marc!

Seems the gender bending trend in men has taken a step further with Marc Jacobs 'supporting' the wearing of 'skirts' in public. The plaid one he wore on his show looks like a kilt at least. But this purple one?...What do you guys think? Skirt or Kilt?

Anyways..he is still togging his Prada sandals around. Miuccia must be so happy now:-P

Like Allan mentioned before in his comments here...'sissyfication' is the new black?!?!?

In a way, Victoria 'Posh' Spice looks more butch in the pic:-P



Allan said...


I think I used 'sissyfication'. I got that from Bryanboy.

So. Let's buy us some skirt?


Danish boys don't like effems. I won't get laid if I do that. Hahahaha!

Kevin said...

Hehe...oops...sorry..amended the error. Yes, not a good price to pay for wearing skirts if you can't get laid!

No skirts...Noooooooo!


Allan said...

why are you thinking about the Pochette Milia PM? part of the sissyfication process?

this instead of a skirt?


Kevin said...

Hahahaha, Allan.(*wink)
Dun we all have a 'diva' in ourselves from time to time?

Since I cannot get my complice trunk key and change holder...I thought this will be a good alternative. And I will only use it as a loop on for my bag. Or hook it inside the bag and use it as a passport pouch.:-P Clever eh? 'Sissyfication' does have its use. Sometimes. hahahaha. Wait, I need to get oh no! I dun want sissyfication:-(