Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The Material Boy #159

Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette Patch Accessories In Monogram Canvas

Ooooh, how fortunate! While I was obsessing about Louis Vuitton 2 weeks ago, I had wanted to buy a mini pochette for myself to compliment my bags. Pochette Milla PM was my first choice, but upon seeing it in real person, it's so girly and the chain is too long for hooking onto bags. Next in the line of options was the mini accessoires pochette in monogram canvas. I hesitated. And it seems my hesitation paid off. I finally found the replacement to the Complice Trunks and Bags series which was sold out in Singapore stores. I found an even better alternative! The Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Mini Pochette Patch Accessories!

Check out the luggage prints on the canvas. So vintage and it does break the monotony of the monogram pattern, which makes the pochette more attractive:-) Absolutely have to have it. Read on www.louisvuittonaddicted.blogspot.com that this pochette will be launched in October. I can't wait!

Hopefully just before I travel to London!:-P Or while I am there.:-P Could be handy for air tickets and stuff. Or just to accessorise my bags.:-P Looks good with the Neverfull GM:-P

Retail price estimated to be AUD $400.

Source: www.louisvuittonaddicted.blogspot.com


tendres said...

I wanted the Complice Trunks and Bags series as well, but they were sold out when I got my Neverfull in MM =/ This looks like a good alternative, but I'm more likely to just stuff random things inside rather than giving it a proper use lol.

I like your style of blogging, am new but I enjoy reading your past posts!

Kevin said...

Welcome to my blog:-)

thanks for your kind words and support. Yes, this will be a good alternative for the comlice trunks and bags series. The patchwork is very cute. enjoy a great week! Weekend coming soon.:-P