Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Gender Bender #37

Fendi Large Navy Leather Tote

'Mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall....who makes the ugliest bags of them all?'...If someone were to ask this question in front of the queen's name definitely pops up and tops the list. It's Fendi. For many seasons already, the brand has seen some of the weirdest, and revolting bags of all time. It seems the Spy Bag charm has not been matched up for a long time to come. I have looked at Fendi bags, hoping to see some hope in the horizon in the future, but for the past seasons, there was basically nothing that could tickle my fancy.

That is...until today...

I spotted this Fendi Large Navy Leather Tote on I was simply attracted by the simplicity of the design, the roomy size and the sumptuous rich navy leather that the bag is crafted in. But one thing sells the bag to me most... the FENDI buckle for the handles! I thought that looked perfect understated chic without having to plaster huge branding all over a bag. Subtle, yet incorporated with functionality, doing a branding this way is the most ingenious and tasteful.

The large tote in gorgeous Navy colour is both basic and smart, you can easily wear the bag with nice suit styles or even causal weekend shorts. I love it. To ease up those tired arms, you can also sling the bag on your shoulder with the sexy slim removable leather strap. Built for women but equally fabulous on men:-)

I want it. I need it. But do I want to buy it in addition to the long list of shopping lusts I have already. I need to sort my list again. Bad eyes...bad temptations. offers free international shipping from now till 25 January 2009! With free delivery and a weak UK pounds exchange rate...this is the best time to buy!

Retail price: UK 856 pounds. Where to buy:


Anthony said...

Dear Kevin,

This look almost exactly like Large Fendi Twin Tote in calf leather except with shoulder strap. I wonder if it the same collection of New remake edition of their Vintage Fendi Twin Tote. I been contemplating of getting a Large Fendi Twin Tote for awhile, no luck so far. Do you think Fendi Twin Tote is suitable for man bag?

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi Anthony,

Do you have a link to pic of the tote you are referring to?

I will be able to offer my comments better if I am able to see how the bag looks like:-)

But I love this one here!

It's a handsome navy colour!


Anthony said...

Dear Kevin,

Here you go.

Vintage Fendi Alligator Twin Tote:

Vintage Fendi Black Calf Twin Tote:$hero$

Have a look at them, simple, classic yet elegant. By the way, i love your Gucci Python Skin Large Tote. Previously, I really wanted & tried to get Gucci Python Skin Duffle but not available in SG, unable to find it elsewhere too.