Friday, 9 January 2009

The Material Boy #208

Louis Vuitton 'Stephen Sprouse' Graffiti Key Ring

Okay, I am not supposed to even be thinking of spending any money this soon! Oh my...but it seems my 'itchy bum' had to moved itself from my cosy office chair and head down to Orchard Road with the intention of 'shooting down' the newly launched LV 'Stephen Sprouse' Roses and Graffiti collection that was launched today. I think I was self deceiving. Okay, maybe the rose collection is not my cup of tea, but some of the smaller Graffiti accessories that arrived together was worth mentioning. Indeed, one thing lingered on my mind...and it was originally not even on my lust list. Fates had it that I somehow got 'mesmerised' by the swanky Louis Vuitton 'Stephen Sprouse' Graffiti Key Ring! I LVoed the die cut graffit style typeface, and being a sucker for all things shiny, that 'Vuitton' word in brass and huge size...wowed me! Drools...

However, I do agree with my friend Mervyn that the plastic lettering portion seem kinda cheap and not worth the high price. It's a real dilemma. (The orange one is shouting out to me even after I left the store :-P)

Gosh, temptations, temptations. Will I forgo and put aside my new year resolution so early in 2009?!>!...or should I stick to my original plan of cutting down on shopping? It's like my angel and devil having a wrestling match on my shoulders. Yeah, 2009 is indeed a 'hard' year already!?! 4D lottery...I am counting on you this weekend now!


Retail price: SGD $420. Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Boutique at Ngee Ann City


theoptimist said...

i agree with your friend, tho temptations are really BIG. hahaha. save that money for a much worth-it purchase!

will you be getting anything from the graffiti range? heard BB is getting the orange graffiti keepall. DROOL~~

i can imagine the catfight between all lvaholics. hahaha.

YSL lover said...

Forgo the 2009 resolution ! C'est ne pas possible ! You've been on the roll of making better choices lately and having a great eye on what's gonna stay classic and not. Sure we have our impulsive shopping days, who doesn't? Just try to restrain yourself once in a while. Plus you've been very patient & buying things at bargain prices so you're allowed to splurge!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Thanks YSL Lover. :-P Hahaha. I feel better already about forgetting the resolution for 2009. :-P you see...I did subcumb to temptation.