Saturday, 10 January 2009

The Material Boy #209

Louis Vuitton 'Stephen Sprouse' Graffiti Neverfull GM

Again, with the much talked about online, Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse collection slowly trickling into LV stores worldwide, I present yet another of my lust from the collection. I have sorted out my thoughts, if I decide to fall deeper into the 'baked beans abyss'...I will 'invest' in art (if it is art, doesn't that not count as shopping?) and practicality. So collaborations with artist such as Stephen Sprouse fits the criteria seamlessly. Dun art increase in value over time?:-P

After much 'inside my mind' debate, I have decided the bag to get from the Graffiti collection will be the Graffiti Neverfull GM In Orange instead of Keepall. I think I do not travel that often to be putting good use of the $investment$ in a keepall.:-) But a Neverfull could see me using it week after week....till it's seen the bag heavens and RIP upon its useful life. Plus, the mini graffiti lining sold the bag for me, to be honest.

And the Graffiti Neverfull is loud, screaming and eye bewildering. Could work well as a protection against traffic mishaps on the road, as the drivers could probably spot you from 'a mile' away. :-) There are 3 neon colours of green, orange and pink to choose from, so there is a colour for every guy, gal, straight, gay, white, black, yellow, brown, old, young person on earth. How cool is that? Bag democracy?

Lastly of course, all my blabberings here on this post, is hypothetical blogging as if I am really going to buy the bag. I think I need 'assassins' to murder the angel on my right shoulder before I can proceed with no 'guilt' for this purchase. Am I ready for that? The good in me is struggling:-( Decisions, decisions...Hahaha. I am going loony tunes now.

(BTW, go watch MILK...Sean Penn's acting is exceptional:-P)

Pics source: I LVoe LV

Retail price: SGD $1970. Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Boutiques


Allan said...

get the orange.

it's very... Hermès? LOL

Anonymous said...

you are so loving the orange. I will take a break from YSL after i complete a few stuffs from them haha. Btw when does spore sales ends? for club 21 that is.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Arrrrggg....another 1 for temptations! Oh angel is on a losing battle....sob sob*

Is it really hermes looking?!? like the sound of that.

and Jonathan, the club 21 sales is still on...I think,I still see sale stocks on the racks, but they took off the sale signs in the shops. So better hurry if you wanna get your Lanvins.

I keep wondering, why Club 21 does not want to further markdown the 50% stuff...since sizes probably ran out and the things left are pretty much not attractive anymore even at 50%. But at a lower price, I am sure, they can still get people to buy. I am saying that becos, there is a CK calvin klein duffel I do not mind getting. But at 50% and 300bucks, hmmm...I need more cheap. :-P

Anonymous said...

i think the green makes a stronger statement!

Anonymous said...

i really like how the green looks more like chartreuse than fluoro in the LV website. i wonder if that's exactly how it is IRL. im kinnda reconsidering a green Neverfull now.

Kevin and myMANybags said...

I think the green is more neon than orange. I saw the green key was fluro-looking,like those glow in the dark plastic but richer in colour. So I wonder this will apply for the green ink as well on the bag.

I will still want orange...since I think the colour is more complimentary to the overall bag colours.

I need to magically make money grow out of my tree to afford this bag so soon. Yikes. And I am going to Hua Hin days after the launch. More money spending time. GRRRRRR....

Anonymous said...

hey.. may i know when is the launch date for the neverfull isit tmr?

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Hi Anonymous, Neverfull was launched yesterday! Get yours soon if you are interested:-)