Thursday, 22 January 2009

My MANy Travel Inspirations - Mama Shelter, Paris

Mama Shelter, Paris

Contemporary...offbeat...and innovative with an indifference.:-) Dun you love concept hotels like these. Especially in my most favourite city of the world, Paris! Jè Taime Paris! Luxurious yet somewhat affordable chic? I like the masks as 'lampshades' and the ceiling unique:-P I can imagine wearing some LV Graffiti items and blend right in with the environment:-) So unconventional and innovative. The beds look absolutely inviting as well.

Here's the synopsis of the hotel from the website:


A desire. A city. Paris, the world capital of tourism. Paris, a place of refuge. Everyone is welcome. The neighborhood: Saint Blaise - rebel character and city life at a country pace. Mama Shelter: the key to a city.

Mama, your mama, our mama, everyone’s mama.

This is your shelter, our shelter. A shelter for everyone.

Mama Shelter, we welcome travelers to our 172 rooms.



brieuc75 said...

one of my favorite place :

Kevin and myMANybags said...

I love it as well! Next time when I visit must show me all the nice places you featured in your blog! hehe:-P