Tuesday, 27 January 2009

My Shopping Conquest #48

Below: Unveiling fun...

Below: Impressive packaging...

Below: Peek-a-boo...something green and bright...

Below: It's none other than the Louis Vuitton Graffit Necktie!

Below: Useful information booklets included...

Louis Vuitton 'Stephen Sprouse' Graffiti Necktie
Reveal from '
It's a Bag...It's Brown...It's...'

I am on a 'GRAFFITI' fever! It has definitely been a struggle to decide what else to add to my 2nd shopping acquisition for the Louis Vuitton's new Graffiti range. My choice was clear, 2 was shortlisted (from the first launch)...it was either the Pareo or the Necktie. I even briefly chatted to Bagaholicboy to ask his opinion. Although I agreed with Alvin that the pareo will be of better usage than the tie in the long run, having read a few posts about the necktie makes me 'itching' and 'desperate' get it. I even convinced myself I could wear the tie over a tee and blazer to pull off a suave, funky look. Wonder when will that happen...:-P

Plus, I do worry that there will not be a 2nd batch of the Graffiti pareo arriving in store on 2 Feb and by then, the tie may be sold out. I will end up not having either items which will be dreadful. Fortunately, the neck tie is not costing a leg and an arm, so I can still get it as a 'just in case'.

When you are so convinced by yourself that you want something this badly, what else can you do but buy it. That is exactly what I did last Wednesday evening. I went down to Louis Vuitton Ngee Ann City to acquire my 'prey'. Prior to heading down to the store, I called LV's hotline to enquire about stock availability and yes, they do stock it. But to my frustration, when I got down to the store, the SAs (it seems they have less product knowledge and stock availability info. than me!), not 1 but 2 told me the neck tie is only going to be launched in March. And one unfriendly SA even pointed me to the tie rack and ask me to check if I see the tie there. What service!?!?!?!

I have to admit, I was pretty upset but as I have an appointment that evening, I left the store empty handed without making them check properly. On my way out, I called the hotline again, and the guy who picked up the phone told me a new shipment has arrived just that day. I told him I was confused by the discrepancy of information I received and he offered to help me to check. This does not reflect very well of Louis Vuitton. The hotline nor the SAs are not a trustworthy source of information afterall. A few hours later, the store manager from Ngee Ann City called and she apologise to me for the miscommunication. She assured me the tie is in stock and she gladly help me to reserve a piece for collection the next day. I accepted her offer and by Thursday evening, the Graffiti necktie became my 2nd addition to the Louis Vuitton 'Stephen Sprouse' collection.

I LVoe the Louis Vuitton Graffiti Necktie. The slim tie is made from the finest silk, so soft to the touch and embroidered with Graffiti branding in fluorescent green. I can imagine going clubbing and it glows under black light. Way cool! A booklet is included with the purchase to explain the unique qualities of Louis Vuitton's tie. The booklet speaks of a unique 'slip stitch' that preserves the elasticity of the tie and 100% wool interlining which is a rare choice, to provide an excellent shape. Although I am clueless what all this means:-P, it still sounds impressive. The booklet also gave instructions on how to do the different ways of knotting from 'simple knot', 'Windsor knot' to the 'little knot'. Very useful.

I am in LVoe with the decadent packaging as well. Sturdy pull-out box, nice tissue wrap as lining...it simply looks amazing upon presentation and feels so good to purchase:-)

Shopping at LV is joy!

Next...Graffiti Neverfull!

Retail price: SGD $295. Where to buy: Louis Vuitton Boutique at Ngee Ann City


deluxeduck said...

im so jealous... im still waiting for my own Graffiti necktie!!!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Can't wait to see you do a modelling pic with the tie!:-) Update us as soon as u have!


freshmess said...

That is love, Kev. Congrats!
My only chance for a Graffiti tie is if I find it in Berlin. Wish me luck!

Allan said...

don't be so pai-seh (sp?). show us modeling pics! :-)

From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore said...

Kevin you should model your tie too!

Mr Duck why is it taking so long for you?

00o00 said...

interesting necktie
mmmm think long and hard about the neverfull!

Kevin and myMANybags said...

Modelling pic...coming soon...*glurp* I hope. I am always stocking up on things I never use but like it. Bad eyes...bad eyes.

And joe, you considering the neverfull as well?:-P

Hurray, welcome to the club!


deluxeduck said...

BB> my store didn't get any (or so i've been told) they've quickly sold out nationwide =( but hopefully there'll be more coming.

evets said...

do u think they still have any in stock now?