Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Runway Sniper #23

Gucci Menswear Fall Winter 2009/2010

In a collection inspired by the 80's power pop, Frida Gianini once again draws inspirations from eras past while being infused with a rock pop spirit. But in my opinion, she did more than just reflect back on fashion trends from bygone days, she somehow came up with looks that look very familiar from other designer's collections before. Great minds think alike?

I can see some Prada Fall Winter 2008/2009 with the jacquard fabric suits and the contrast collar shirts. Some inspirations from the cropped schoolboy jacket suits from Marni. Skinny 'anorexic' rock star 'glitterati' look from Slimane's Dior Homme days or even Burberry Prosum's Fall Winter 2006/2007 styles of leopard print sweater with tailored pants. Somehow there were also hints of recycled looks of jackets from their own Fall Winter 2008/2009 collection.

I am not saying it is 100% copy, but somehow there is a sense of déjàvu browsing thru the runway pics...I keep telling myself, I seen this before, I seen that somewhere too.

The bags were a nightmare, to be honest. The use of studs has been done in Fall Winter 2008, so why are they still around?

All is not lost, there are some looks such as those gorgeous metallic shimmery pants (again Dior Homme Spring Summer 2009?) paired with luxurious cropped leather jackets are TDF.

Source: www.men.style.com

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