Monday, 23 February 2009

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #28

Louis Vuitton Pre-Spring 2009 Menswear

Clean, understated...simple and yet nonchalant styles dominate the Louis Vuitton Pre-Spring 2009 Menswear collection. Simple muted soothing colour palettes in the likes of pastel pink, sky blue, soft whites and beiges are juxtapose with steel greys and smart blacks. The overall result is a sophisticated collection that will cater to the modern day stylish male, with a wardrobe selection from day to night, city to beach.

Prominently featured in the lookbook are the Sac Sport duffel bags in blue Siwa leather and beige suede. Lovely bag with such a wide array of styles that it can match. I was duly surprised at its versatility.

Another item that left me drooling are the perfect summer shades, Socoa Damier (UK 295 pounds) in silver with a unique photochronic lens which darkens in bright light to reveal a damier checks pattern! How cool. There are also very lovely sandals, Movie Thong Sandals in calf leather which as the name suggests is definitely befitting the Hollywood superstar in you. The long trench paired with soft pink knitwear is also a winning look!

All in all, wearable pieces in timeless styles. Somehow Louis Vuitton has done a brilliant job this season.



yui said...

Hi! I'm behind you.
Good luck!

Davine said...

Hi Kevin. Sure, the outfits are all very nice, but nothing, you or me could really wear or use for too much inspiration. The clothes I know you and I like are more fitted, so to speak. Although LV always has really nice shoes.
How do you like the Burberry Prorsum runway shoes? I just got a dark brown pair. It´s awesome. I tried to photograph them like you always do. They´re in the recent purchases thread.


alan said...

i'm eyeing the socoa damier too!

any idea wat is the price would be in SGD?

and issit available in SG?

Markko Donto said...

cute :) post