Sunday, 15 March 2009

The Material Boy #244

Gucci Rock Vintage Summer Holiday Stripes Five Pocket Skinny Pants

I thought I had given up on this pair of pants from Gucci's spring summer 2009 menswear collection. I enquired about it a few weeks back and the SA told me this is not going to be stocked in Singapore's store. But what do I see today at the Gucci Boutique in Paragon...this exact pair of skinny pants! I think Gucci does not disseminate proper stock information to its staff. They never seem to know what is coming in and not to the store.

But I am actually thrilled to see this pair of pants. I had been wanting it since I saw it online. It's very flamboyant, but the prints are very interesting. With bright coloured tropical(?) flowers. I just love the colour tones.

However, the price tag of over SGD $1200 is not justifiable and unwise to indulge in during this current economic climate. So sad. It's nice to have something to drool nonetheless. And I wonder if I can pull this off...or I am liking for the sake of liking it.:-P It probably end up as a white elephant in my closet.

Retail price: Approx SGD $1290. Where to buy: Gucci Boutique at Paragon

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