Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Material Boy #256

Raf Simons Show Sandals

For guys who want fashion that could come from many light years in the future, only one name can proudly proclaim their innovation and out of the world design: RAF SIMONS.

I applaud Mr Simons take on men's sandals for Spring Summer 2009...this could be what modern day gladiators will wear if there were ever a movie doing a take on futuristic warriors, ala Blade Runner style.

High paneled leather sides gives a winged look (Hermes, the god, not the brand, of the future would be proud!), elastic bands to ensure a perfect fit, sleek cleans lines for an almost architectural design all makes this sandals one of a kind. Definitely for the style innovators, people who leads rather than follow. But make sure you ready £479 in order to lead the fashion pack.

Retail price: UK 479 pounds. Where to buy:


LuxuryObsessed said...


Kevin and myMANybags said...

I guess it should be...but sometimes comfort may be sacrificed for aesthetics. If the leather used is soft, then I feel it should be okay.

p76 said...

it is weird.

UKbagboy said...

I tried them on at the weekend - Lane Crawford Hong Kong - terribly uncomfortable but look fabulous on the foot.

Didnt invest, not really my style, but knew they would get a posting sooner or later on here and wanted to be ahead of the game!!

Kevin and myMANybags said... HK now for lots of shopping?

It's nice...but you need a certain style to pull it off...might be a bit limiting.