Monday, 29 June 2009

My MANy Bags News #99

Below: Dolce & Gabbana's ultra sexy underwear ad campaign starring the Italian swimmers...
(Paolo Bossini, 2nd from the left is my favourite!)

Below: And these are the priceless behind the scenes shots:-) which is equally fun to look at...
time to get clean shaven:-P Yum!

Below: Yeap...even the chest hairs has to go...poor guy...

Below: Swimmer #1 to Swimmer #2...."How do you shave around the nipples?"

Below: Smile for the 'shaver'...Alessandro Terrin

Below: Okay..this is getting more and more exciting...where is that guy trying to shave?!?!?! Maybe I can lend a hand:-P (BTW, why is that swimmer wearing John Galliano underwear! Tsk tsk. Big taboo:-P)

Below: All set...time to go in front of the one of the photographers I work with will say 'Squeeze your butts (for the camera!)":-P

Below: Eye candy time...those underwear work like magic...what needs to be emphasize will be:-P

Below: Checking to see how they fare...who is your favourite? (Mine is Paolo Bossini, the one nearest to the screen!)

Below: Their efforts and 'hair loss' paid off...what an incredible shot!

Below: One more for the 'cheap thrill'...:-P Nice butt! I am convinced I need those underwear....

Behind The Scenes - Dolce & Gabbana Underwear Campaign 2009

Dolce & Gabbana loves to worship the male physique. Their clothes are cut to flatter a man...and that supreme understanding of where and how to accentuate a man's 'assets' extends to its underwear line too. If those underwear are going to make me half as hot as those Dolce & Gabbana models, I am buying me a dozen tommorow.

For the new Dolce & Gabbana Underwear Campaign shot by Mariano Vivanco, who better to demonstrate the beauty of the male body than the good-looking and in shape Italian swimmers! Mirko Di Tora, Emiliano Brembilla, Alessandro Terrin, Paolo Bossini, Nicola Cassio are among the handsome cast. Drool over these exclusive behind the scenes pics sent by Swide magazine...(Dolce & Gabbana's online Blogazine)

Now comes my question...who is this behind the scenes' photographer...he seems to know how to place his camera angle where we want it to be! Hehe. Perhaps I can volunteer next time for such an assignment?!>!?

Especially interesting are the pics capturing one of the crew helping one of the swimmers shave at the most 'interesting' of places. Allan, this is for you:-)

Yes, that is what goes on behind photoshoots. Never as easy as it seems:-) Lots of preparatory work. But nonetheless fun. I once had a photoshoot where a Canadian female model bares her top entirely in order to achieve a better visual effect. She does it with gusto so as to get a better picture showing off all the gold foil we plaster onto her body. Poor gal..but she was so professional that all of us were very impressed!:-)

N'uff said....Enjoy the muscles and the hunks!



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Allan said...

I like the one with facial hair, as always.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

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glad you like the pics:-)

And allan, yes, I was having a hunch you pick him:-)

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