Wednesday, 10 June 2009

My Shopping Conquest #73

Below: 'Treasures' to be hunted in 'On Pedder'!

Below: My first Ann Demeulemeester purchase!

Below: Ready to let the 'bug' of the bag...

Below: 'Bug' attack!

Below: Hand crafted with black crystal beads!

Below: Amazing handwork...'Ugly' but adorable...:-P

Below: Fabulous on my blazer!

Below: I first got the silver colour and then exchanged it for the black...
silver does look more outstanding. I prefer understated...perhaps a small version in silver?

Below: sells a set in big and small sizes as well...

Below: Models on the Ann Demeulemeester Menswear Spring Summer 2009
wearing the cool brooch!

Ann Demeulemeester Large Hand Beaded
Black Beetle Brooch

Talk about chancing upon a shopping gem! First seen on Browns Fashion website (and I think it was so ugly, why did they bother making these) and later Marc posted a link on the comments section of this post about jacket corsage, I slowly grew to like these Ann Demeulemeester Large Hand Beaded Beetle Brooches (the name of the designer is such a mouthful!). The brooches were also prominently featured on her Spring Summer 2009 menswear runway show and that helps to affirm the attraction.

I was however too late to purchase these online. They were sold out on Browns Fashion and Aloha Rag's website. So I had to put it in the back of my mind.

So while making my rounds of weekend shopping - in the name of my blog (what a great excuse to shop!), I chanced upon the On Pedder sale. It was so discreet with no sale signages that I almost missed it until I counter check with a friend who is a regular at the store. I spotted some really nice bags and accessories in On Pedder. How could I have missed out on shopping in this mecca of accessories all this while. Although mostly stocking women's range, some pieces are definitely worth crossing the gender lines to buy them!

One of the most surprised and prized finds are the Ann Demeulemeester Hand Beaded Beetle Brooches! Thought forever lost to my shopping hunts, I was so surprised to find it here (On Pedder is a ladies shop), especially since these were from the men's collection. So I wonder why they were sold there in the first place. But definitely not a concern for me, I just know it was my day of shopping treasures found. Once I see these 'ugly' but adorable and glamourous beetle brooches, I knew they are to come home with me. The handwork is very intricate, and it is not perfect which shows these were not machine made. Every piece is slightly different and that is the charm of hand crafted pieces. Perfect on cardigans, tees and most of all, blazers, the brooches add interest to your outfit. Comes in black or silver colour with crystals to add sparkle and glamour.

It's a must buy for me, I first got the silver version but later exchanged it to the black. I feel the black is more understated and versatile. Black is also a runway accessory which makes it all the more drool worthy. This brooch is definitely a conversational piece as your friends might be mistaken that a real bug is crawling on you!

After my photoshoot today, I went to On Pedder again with the intention to get the smaller size beetle brooch as well. (I was attracted by the fashion editorial on my newly acquired Japanese fashion magazine, Popeye. There is a picture of the beetle brooch on a cardigan which is exceptionally quirky:-)) And such good luck again, it's official pre-sale at On Pedder! The beetle brooches are now at 30% discount and members get an extra 5% discount as well:-) So I grab the big (it's fated I should own this...) and small silver beetles all in one go!:-P 'Bug' attack anyone?

(BTW, my photoshoot with Paul Foster today was wonderful...he is a real eye candy and a good model who can pose well and easy to work with. What impressed me most is not only his looks but his humble attitude. Be sure to support him when his new TV show Polo Boys debuts in Singapore come Oct! Guys in swim trunks already makes this a must watched show!)

Retail price: SGD $200. Where to buy: On Pedder, Ngee Ann City


Ron said...

What an unusually unique item! I think the attraction is in how weird looking it is. You will definitely stand out wearing it. I personally love quirky accessories such as this brooch. I'm new to your site btw and enjoy reading it!

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

yes, it grows on you and actually looks good when you use it on your jackets:-) I love it. A cross between some twig looking and bug looking. Hahaha. It's a weird beauty...

LiveLifeLuxe said...

Pretty! I played with them in-store yesterday too! I thought you may be interested in the wire-frame/Persplex YSL brooch as well – only $180.

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

I saw that just now too...but the size is too huge...that is why I passed. I was rampaging thru the bags of accessories hoping to find a smaller one. hahaha. But what I got was earrings.

Now I have 3 'bugs' ready to crawl all over me:-P

Anonymous said...

i want!!!

John / john2_el_mejor said...

I want it!

Anonymous said...


The big one retails for $200. How about the small one?

Anonymous said...

cool creeper!

Judi said...

Very good choice :)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Thank you everyone:-) It's indeed creepy cool like what mark said:-)

The small one retails for SGD $140. But it's at 30% off now.

Allan said...

omg, Kev. you're being obsessed with brooches.


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Yeah, I love to collect brooches:-)anything to embellish the jacket or pin on bags!:-P

soe hoe said...

OMG.....that Black Beetle Brooch i found @On Pedder, Jakarta!!! they also sell in small size in silver and green colour!! also discount 40%
the price in Jakarta is Rp.1.400.000 (Big) and Rp.1.100.000 (Small)
thx to you... for ur post....!!
that my dream brooch!!!!!
love ur blog...:)

Kevin @ myMANybags said...

Hi Soe Hoe,

thanks for the updates all the way from Indonesia!:-) Did you get one?

It's so beautiful and grows on you! I have never seen the green one. take a pic:-)


Kevin @ myMANybags said...

And soe hoe, you are a bag and accesseroies designer!:-) I will be happy to feature you in my blog some time soon! Will that be okay?

Lovely designs:-)