Monday, 24 August 2009

Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #47

Below: This crocodile skin bag is simply luxurious!
But would you pay a price of US
$33900 for a studded design
which may become a passing trend after this season?

Below: I am considering the least that is quite 'rock and roll' chic (which is great for evening events) and of a price that is not too exorbitant (US $1150)

Below: This Black GG imprimé tote has an interesting monogram texture,
but it's still monogram. And not exactly monogram canvas bag pricing. It's a hefty US$1360!

Below: This Pony hair duffel bag can be yours for US$2980...

Below: These cheap looking monogram bags are 'ill-designed' in my books,
but still costs US$1195 for the duffel and US$795 for the tote. Oh my...

Below: I may not be a fan of the regular monogram bags...but once you used
crocodile skin as trimmings, it elevates the monogram canvas to true luxury!
Large tote retails for US$1970 while the soft briefcase retails for US$1390...

Below: Crocodile leather trim Boston duffel at US$2980...not bad for some real croc skin!

Below: This series of leather bags is understated and elegant. Tote retails for US$1990
while the messenger costs US$1470...

Below: Classy and elegant leather duffel for US$2390...

Below: I love these...prepare to fork out US$895 to adopt these acid wash leather boots!

Below: One of my favourite shoe from this season...
lovely coloured trim moccasins at US$570

Below: This Pony hair duffel bag can be yours for US$2980...

Gucci Fall Winter 2009 Mens Bags And Shoes

Gucci has put up their Fall Winter 2009 accessories catalogue online. Some pieces are desirable, some are less so. But one thing is for sure, monograms is in excess and logos are too big. (Perhaps the majority of Gucci consumers prefer more flashy branding. I guess it is a tough balance.) But the crocodile leather trim GG pattern series is divine. At least that is some injection of true exotics to offset the monogram pattern which has become synonymous with entry level pieces. You simply see too many of them all over the streets which do not help in making Gucci very 'exclusive'. Plus, some have colour and material mishaps.

The shoes however are a showstopper. Love the acid splash coloured boots and those moccasins with coloured trim. It's interesting and outstanding by design and not logo driven, which is a plus!

Click on pics to enlarge for better view:-)

Source: Gucci

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